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Welcome to the Schenectady District BSA Web Site!

WELCOME To Schenectady!

WELCOME to the most active District Website in Twin Rivers Council, BSA. Word is that this site has had over 5000 hits in under a year! Thank You to everyone who has been stopping by. Please be sure to sign our Guest book, as we would like to know who is surfing through.

Schenectady, NY is one of the oldest cities in the nation. Established in 1690, Schenectady had grown to fame through being the former home of American Locomotive Company (ALCO), General Electric, Thomas A. Edison, Union College, Charles P. Steinmetz, Shirley Muldowny (4 Time World Champion Lady Dragracer) and Coach Pat Riley. Maybe someday we may share another local star amongst the rest of the world. Time will tell.

Enjoy surfing around this site, it has literally HUNDREDS of Links to everything from NASA to the Smithsonian. It is up to you to find all the great data out there. Browsing this site cannot possibly be done in one evening, so feel free to visit us again, and again, and again, and again.

Should you find ANY problems, or have any suggestions, please feel free to email me. 

This site is designed for Convenience of "point and click" surfing.   We are saving the Slick Internet "Beeps & Whistles" for the pros.

Yours in Scouting Spirit,

John M. Papp

Webmaster for the Schenectady District of Twin Rivers Council BSA

Scoutmaster of Troop 357

Rotterdam, Schenectady, Scotia, Ballston Lake & Ravena, NY


You'll find no copyrights here. We're just Scouters. Copyrights are for lawyers. Of course some Scouters ARE lawyers, but we don't hold that against them. A Scout is magnanimous.

If you still insist on doing that legal thing, please read our Standard Disclaimer, then call 1-800-#sand. ;-)

This website complies with the Children's On-Line Privacy Protection Act. Not that it applies to us, but we're in compliance anyway because you just never know.


Warning: : This is a No Smoking area. If we see you smoking, we will assume you are on fire and take appropriate action.

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