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(Modified/generalized from an original submission by Scott Pennington, Camp Barstow, Indian Waters Council, SC)

1a. ______ Participate in a Campsite inspection

1b. ______ Participate in a Uniform inspection

2. ______ Attend 5 Merit Badge sessions with your Scouts

1. _______________________

2. _______________________

3. _______________________

4. _______________________

5. _______________________

3. ______ Lead one song before/during/after meal in Dining Hall. This can be done as a "group effort" between

several people-staff members also may be "urged" into the fray.

4. ______ Spend ten minutes harassing, suggesting improvements to, complimenting, or otherwise occupying

an adult staff member. NOTE: This may be done immediately following any meal so as to cub

into staff nap time, but a really good adult leader should be able to finish this requirement before

breakfast so as to keep the adult staff member from reaching and thereby emptying the Scoutmaster

coffee pot.

5. ______ Compliment two meals cooked in Dining Hall

6. ______ Pick up 10 pieces of litter.

7. ______ Teach knots required for First Class to a young Scout. This can be done with a "First Year" Scout,

but not while he is attending the "First Year Camper Program" unless you teach a class to help

with the program.

8. ______ Help your troop work on a Camp Improvement project.

9. ______ Spend 3 nights/days in camp with your troop.

10. ______ Participate in two adult leader competitions or act as referee (amiable dispute settler) at one Scout


11. ______ Participate in 2 evening activities.

12. ______ Take one nap in the afternoon heat sometimes a few days of practice are required before this

requirement can be completed correctly.

13. ______ ONCE while having breakfast, convince any adult staff member to re-fill your coffee or other beverage.

NOTE: experienced adult leaders will encourage adult staff members to "taste-test" returned beverages.

14a. ______ Serve as a lifeguard during either a troop swim or free swim.

14b. ______ Attend free swim as a participant (if unable to comply for any reason, a second term as lifeguard may be


15. ______ Encourage your troop, either alone or with another troop to participate in a Campfire.

16. ______ Attend Safety Afloat and Safe Swim Defense course offered at waterfront. NOTE: Prior and

"Current" certification will be accepted for completion of this requirement.




I completed this in '00, it's now YOUR turn!

Yours in Scouting Spirit,