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(Please note that some of these topics aren't done yet. Sorry.)

 Schenectady District Scouting Units on the web

These are the units that we know about. There aren't many. If yours isn't listed and you'd like it to be, send us a note.


The best national and international Scout sites

Here's where you'll find some of those program helps that you KNOW exist but haven't been able to locate.

Cub Scout stuff

Pinewood Derby, Cub Scout advancement requirements, skits, songs, and more.  Everything you wanted to know about Cub Scouting but were afraid to ask.

Boy Scout stuff

History, merit badge and advancement requirements, policies of other groups, camping tips, recipes, campfire helps, etc. (Includes OA, Exploring, and Sea Explorers)

 Eagle Scout stuff

There is enough information out there for this to be a separate category. Anything you want to know about Scoutings' best.

High Adventure & camping opportunities

From Maine to Florida, from New York to California, there are dozens of places to have your boys experience America. (Philmont links here)

Commercial sites of interest to Scouters

Camping catalogues, gear suppliers, all sorts of stuff. None of this is vouched for or warranted just because it's included here. Schenectady District has no vested interest in these guys, but hey, the Scout Shop doesn't sell EVERYTHING.

 Educational web sites of note

Homework help!

Fun stuff that didn't fit anywhere else



If you have anything to add to these listings, by all means send it to us. Discovering new resources is one thing that makes this internet stuff fun.