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2002 Schenectady District Award Banquet Winners



Hi Schenectady Scouters,
Here are the Award Winners from this past weeks Schenectady District Recognition Dinner.  Our "Thanks" to Marianne Jordan and Denise Schwind for a fantastic job at organizing a very memorable event.  The Table Center Piece's were sincerely unbelievable, especially "Cubby Ruxpin." 
        We also send our Thanks out to all of the Presenters for their words of wit and wisdom. 
And our CONGRATULATIONS to all of the Award Winners!
District Spark Plug Awards:
3002    Christine Bissonette    Asst. Cubmaster & Cubmaster
3007    Chris D'Amico               Wolf Den Leader
3016    Pedro S. Rosa           Webelos Den Leader
3023    Laurie Smith            Den Leader
3036    Cheri Fitzgibbons           Committee Chairperson
3057    Pam Rieck               Secretary / Treasurer
3062    Mike King                   Committee Chairman
3067    Eric Holm               Webelos Den Leader
3072    Anne M. Peters              Tiger Cub Den Leader
3126    Marsha Tote             Wolf Cub Den Leader
3031    Carol Foucault          Summer Camp Coordinator
3031    Steven McIntosh         Committee Chairman 
3032    Kevin Donovan           Scoutmaster
3034    Donna Evans             Committee Chair
3054    Shawn Whalen            Quartermaster Chairman
3062    Lisa Snyder             Advancement Person
3065    Daniel Nosek            Assistant Scoutmaster
3072    Ann Marie Pirrera           Committee Member
3083    Tom Burgoyne                Assistant Scoutmaster
3357    Jennifer Machia         Advancement Chairperson
Training & Leadership Awards:
Tiger Cub Coach Award - H. Edwin Woodworth, multiple units
Den Leaders Awards- Pedro Rosa P16/T357
                                   Eric Holm P67
Cub Scouters Award- Pedro Rosa P16/T357

Webelos Den Leader Award - Tom Van Wert, P37
Den Leader Coach Award - Jay Sterns, P54
Boy Scout Leader Award - Patrick Attanasio, T73
Scoutmaster's Key - John Papp, T357 & P10
Commissioner Key - Lois Johnson
Program Awards:
Cub Scout Program Award - Ruth La Coss, P62 
Ruth La Coss received the C.S. Program Award as the CM of P62 and for organizing this year's day camp.  She has literally started from nothing and organized a wonderfully planned program, that meets BSA National requirements.

Boy Scout Program Award - Harold Knox, T56
Harold Knox received the B.S. Program Award.  He's the SM of T56.  He was crucial in last Spring's District & Fall Council camporee and has recently become our district training chair.

Venturing Program Award - Jan Herdman, C26
Jan Herdman has been involved in scouts for many, many years.  Most recently, he's become involved with the organization of a new Venture crew, and was presented the Venturing Program Award for all of his outstanding efforts.
Sarah Chadwick received it this year for stepping in when John needed assistance.  Her efforts at keeping us unified as a District are unsurpassed, and very much appreciated by us Unit Scouters.
Honor Awards for Outstanding Service:
Boys Life Magazine Subscription Improvement Award- Herb Roes  District RT Scout Commissioner
National Distinguished Scoutmaster Award of Merit  - John Papp, T357 & P10
Award of Merit:

Helen Capasso - Committee Chair Troop 15, RT & Training Staff

Helen has been Active as CC for Scotia's T15 and supported our District as being a large part of our Training Staff

Ron Batcher Sr. - Committee Member Troop 54, Klondike Staff

Ron has been active for quite a few years, Past SM of T54, Active on the Camp Boyhaven 75th Anniversary Committee and a Mayor for the Annual Klondike Derby. 

Sarah Chadwick  -  District Commissioner

 Sarah has been a very hardworking Scouter in the District and Council, Always focused on creating an active Cub Scouting Program at Camporees, Summer Camp and here in Schenectady.  When she's not too busy, she is also commissioner for a few Units in Niskayuna.  We are very fortunate to have a leader like Sarah guiding us here in the new millennium.



The Traditions instilled in Scouting remain very strong, and we are all part of the brotherhood resulting from efforts beginning with new Scouts and up through the ranks to Alumni & Adult Scouters.

Scouting was predicated on Good Deeds through Service----I call to mind and memory about the Scout helping the lady across the Street-----This in fact is what we are about, taking the time to help one another.

Aside from all the Learning through introduction of Merit Badges, we continue to recognize the underlining aspect of SERVICE on up through Advancement.

  Service is a product of Learning and Effort.----Helping Others leaves a good feeling of Accomplishment---and it is a way of giving back to our community---- a way of saying Thanks.

Service is a way of going the extra distance when "Thank You" is Not Enough.

Service is Given in Many Ways:

        To our Community

        To our Church

        To our Chartered Organization                 

        To our School

        To our Neighborhood

        To our Friends

And every day to our Family. . . . .  "Cleaning our Room is a Service."

As Service Advisor for Haudenosaunee Order of the Arrow Lodge #19 here in Twin Rivers Council, I made a list available about two years ago for the National "Service to America" Project.

The list covered many ways to give cheerful service.  It may still be on file at Council HQ, if not feel free to contact me.

At that time, I had asked all troops to keep a record of service projects, people and hours, then forward the results to me for recording.

One Troop Continues to do this regularly to this date.  I approached Council about recognizing this outstanding service by this troop, and they have approved of the idea.

We thought it might stimulate more conscious service to our communities and this is our hope for the future.

The FIRST ANNUAL "DISTINGUISHED COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD" for OUTSTANDING EFFORT goes to Troop 357, now under the direction of Scoutmaster John Papp and his entire team of leaders.


Bart Chabot



On Behalf of the Schenectady District, CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL of the Award winners and Thank You for your Support.

Yours in Scouting Spirit,

John M. Papp