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On the second Wednesday of each month at 7:30 PM, the Schenectady District conducts a Roundtable discussion and training session for the benefit of all Cub Scout and Boy Scout Leaders and their programs. 

At these sessions, any and all news of the District and Twin Rivers Council is passed to the Scouters in attendance. Then, training programs are conducted on particular issues of interest to all Scouters. Topics covered may range from program helps and resources to insurance to youth safety to fundraising to the sharing of ideas for outings and campouts. Just about anything that a leader may have a question about can usually be answered at these meetings.     

It's also the best opportunity many of us have to get to meet the others in Schenectady District who share our concern for the youth of our neighborhood. Generally, a good time is had by all. Show up early. There's usually a friendly crowd around a bit after 7 and we make it a point to get out of there by 9-9:30 or so. . . .. 

This meeting is also,  the same time and same location as the monthly Sisilija Chapter Order of the Arrow meeting.


Schenectady District Roundtable is held at the

Schenectady (Linton) High School

The Plaza

Schenectady, New York


For information on upcoming Roundtable events, you can check this page, the Roundtable schedule pages linked below, or call the Roundtable Commissioners for your group.

Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner: ...........Herb Roes... ...........518-372-2214

        Boy Scout Roundtable Commissioner Assistant..........John Papp... ...........518-356-3897

Boy Scout Roundtable Schedule for 2001~2002

Cub Scout Roundtable Commissioner: ...........Marianne Jordon

Cub Scout Roundtable Schedule for 2001~2002



In addition to Roundtable, St Clares Hospital Meeting Room is also home to the District Committee Meeting every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7PM. For information on the goings on at this meeting, check with the District Chairman or District Commisioner.