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Cub Scout Stuff

Cub Scout Stuff

American Red Cross CPR Training A really valuable resource not only for Cub Scout Leaders but for everyone. If you DON'T know CPR, you should.


Cub Scout Leader Fast Start Training This is the on-line version of a standard introductory class for new Cub Scout Leaders. Pretty convenient, and since it's on the official BSA National website, we can presume it to be legit. :-)
Policy Guidelines Since the Council office isn't open 24 hours to answer your questions about what's permissible, check out this presentation that includes a link to the "Guide to Safe Scouting" (a BSA publication EVERY Pack should own.)
Cub Leader Roles and Responsibilities Don DeYoung and Pack 215 in California have loads of Cub Scout leader helps here.
Cub Scout Ceremonies Gary Hendra (The MacScouter) has a great listing of advancement, recognition, bridging, and campfire ceremonies for Cubs. Move arount this site... he's got a LOT of stuff here.
Still more Cub ceremonies Suffolk County Council in Pennsylvania has the ceremonies section of their PowWow book on line here. Good selection. Also lots of Pinewood Derby stuff
Professor Beaver Pages Michael Bowman (AKA: Professor Beaver & The Net Commish) IS the MAN about Scouting stuff. He has several sites with outstanding information for Cub Scout leaders. Sponsored by the USScouting Service Project, some of his offerings include:
  • Pack Meetings Tips on how to conduct a successful Pack Meeting.

Pinewood Derby Stuff

Pinewood Mania How they do it at Pack 215 in Walnut Creek, California.
The Ultimate Pinewood Derby Site Randy Worcester, a Cubmaster in Madison, Mississippi has put together a page dedicated to "Tool Impaired Cub Scout Leaders".
Pope's Pinewood Pages Portal   Stan Pope has been doing this a LONG time... :-)
Pinewood Derby Stuff Northwest Suburban Council (wherever THAT is... actually, I think it's in Illinois, wherever THAT is...) has a page with a whole bunch of stuff on this big Cub event..

Songs, Skits, & Crafts

Songs  From Jim Speirs in Canada comes this copious collection of every song ever sung by any Scout anywhere. There's over 2,000 of 'em! (Well maybe he missed one or two.)  Canada eh?
Skits, skits, and more skits Also from Jim Speirs comes this remarkable compilation of every stupid skit you ever saw (& most you wish you hadn't.)
General Crafts A good place to go for cheap, simple devices and stuff constructed from simple materials.
All kinds of craft recipes Just what it says... mix your own ANYTHING.