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Winter Campout Equipment List

* Sled
* Rope
* Two heavy garbage bags

* Cup
* Plastic plate
* Plastic bowl
* Spoon, fork, knife
* Trail mix or fruit bar

* 2 sleeping bags
* 2 or more blankets or sleeping pads--NOT INFLATABLE
* Tarp or two large garbage bags for underneath

* 3 T-shirts
* 3 or more pairs of long underwear
* 4-5 pairs of warm socks
* 2 large wool shirts or sweaters (or 2-3 sweatshirts)
* 2 baggy pairs of wool pants or wind pants--NO JEANS
* Warm coat with hood
* MANY pairs of mittens with liners & gloves
* 2 stocking caps
* Snow boots with removable liners--extra liners if possible
* Scarf or facemask

Personal Gear
* Scout Handbook (In plastic bag)
* Matches
* Candle, or firestarters
* Knife
* Flashlight & extra batteries
* Chapstick
* Individual first aid kit

* Hand/pocket warmers
* Camera

Some interesting patrol names:

Ace of Spades
Alien Patrol
Alpha Apes
Amish Electricians
Angry Beavers
Arctic Blizzard Patrol (8)
Bald Badgers
Banana Slugs
Barking Spiders
Bigfoot Patrol
Birds of Fire
Blue Oxen
Bucktooth Badgers
Castaway Gourmets
Coffee Pot Patrol
Cougar patrol
Da Bears
Dead Bird Patrol
Ditto Patrol (3)
Dirty Bird Eagles
Duckbilled Platypus Patrol
Duct Tape Patrol
Flaming Dragons
Flaming Marshmallows
Flaming Panthers
Flaming Smurfs
Flamther Tailbone patrol (1)
Flying Chihuahuas
Flying Cows
Frill Necked Lizards
Funky Wombats
Fog patrol
Freezing Frogs
Freezing Reindeer
Gangrene Moose (2)
Generic Patrol
Ghost Patrol (3)
Grazin' Cows
Green Moosehead (2)
Giardia Patrol
Glazed Donuts
Happy Patrol (6)
Himalayan Kings
Hoppin' Hamsters
Hungry Cave Men
Invisible Men
Iron Chefs
Jolly Squirrels
Junkyard Dogs
Lumberjacks (2)
Log Patrol
Mad Cows
Man-eating Penguins
Men in Tan
Mighty Moose
Moldy Mooses
Mud Boggers
Newts (9)
Old Dames
Penguin Patrol (6)
Pink Panthers
Phantom Patrol
Puffy Bluegills
Quilt Patrol
Radioactive Raccoons
Radioactive Mooses
Raptor Patrol (4)
Rat Patrol
Rat Snakes
Rebel Alliance (6)
Roadkill (2)
Scorching Squid
Screaming Chicken patrol
Screeching roadrunners
Sea Cucumbers
Shish-ke-bab Dragons
Shot Pheasants
Snakeskin patrol
Snorting Pigs
Spandex Warriors
Spare Parts patrol
Spitting Camels
Stag Patrol
Stormtroopers (6)
Sweaty Cab Drivers
Thunder Bison
Thunder Chickens
Toilet Paper (TP) Patrol
Top Guns
Unknown Patrol
Urracca Wookies
Usual Suspects
Venemous Pickles (7)
Vicious Vikings
White Water Death patrol
Y28 Patrol (5)

(1) The Flamther Tailbone Patrol originated from a patrol flag contest gone awry. The panther's neck grew until it looked more like a flamingo. The tailbone came from a carved stick used to support the flag. Patrol emblems were hard to come by.

(2) Our rule is that you have to use one of the premade patrol patches and you have to be able to tell your mother!
Aztecs (uses Indian Chief patrol patch)
Coyote (uses Fox patrol patch) (never did catch our Roadrunner Patrol)
Green Moosehead (moose patch + green permanent marker)
Lumberjack (uses Pine Tree patrol patch, rotated 90 degrees)
Roadkill (uses upside down Raccoon patrol patch)

(3) The Ghost Patrol has a blank patrol patch with three circles drawn on it in the shape of a face.
The Ditto Patrol has two black marks (") on their patch--their yell is "Me Too"

(4) One of our first year emphasis patrols was the Raptor patrol. The emblem they designed had a raptor standing on its hind legs. The raptor wore a backpack and carried a hiking stave. They had the emblems put on the blank patches by national.

One of our older scouts is heavy into theater and designed their patrol medallion to resemble the "phantom" from the "Phantom of the Opera." The blank patches are available through the scout shop, too, if the scouts want to do their medallions with "puffy fabric paint" or they have access to someone who can do machine embroidery.

(6) Cougar -- Current patrol name - Use the panther patrol patch and the flag is a graphic that was found on the internet and printed to a T-shirt transfer and then ironed on to a pillow case. The Scouts put a lot of work into it.

StormTroopers -- Old Klondike Derby patrol name Flag was a hand drawn pic of a Star Wars StormTrooper. When you turn the flag upside-down, it looks like the Trix Rabbit. (Don't Ask)

Rebel Alliance -- Curent Klondike Derby patrol name (Got first place this year). Flag was a pic if the Rebel Alliance logo from Star Wars.

Penguin -- Old Patrol name. Flag was the Pittsburgh Penguins Logo and so were the patrol Patches.

Happy -- Old Patrol Name Logo on Flag and Patrol Patch were smiley faces.

We always let the boys pick their patrol names and sometimes they get creative. We have some strange boys. Enjoy!

(7) The flag was a hand drawn picture of the "Hulk", only shaped like a pickle, ripping his scout shirt off. It was a classic.

(8) Some years ago we had a sick-out at our annual Klondike Derby, no single patrol had enough boys to do the course. My son at the time was the Senior Patrol Leader, and he took the four boys from one patrol and three from another. When asked the name of the patrol he said "Arctic Blizzard" patrol (it had snowed 10 inches the night before). He found a white pillow case that became the patrol flag (a polar bear in a blizzard). Their yell was... "Burrrrr its cold!". This patrol name was used for the next five years using the white with red boarder blank patch as their patrol emblem, only retired when the patches were no longer available.

(9) New Scouts patrol chose the name "Newts" and use the lizard as their totem. I have always like plays on words. The Newt Patrol comes to life every spring and goes dormant before summer camp when new Scouts form the own permanent patrol or move into standing patrols.



Through the years, many things have been said about leadership but few have put it as precisely and as accurately as Waite Phillips, donor of Philmont Scout Ranch:

The boss drives his men; the leader coaches them.
The boss depends on good will; the leader depends on good will.
The boss inspires fear; the leader inspires enthusiasm.
The boss says "I"; the leader says "We."
The boss assigns tasks; the leader sets the pace.
The boss says "Get here on time!"; the leader gets there ahead of time.
The boss fixes blame for the breakdown; the leader fixes the breakdown.
The boss knows how it's done; the leader shows how.
The boss makes work a drudgery; the leader makes it a game.
The boss says "Go!"; the leader says "Let's go!"
The world needs leaders, but nobody wants a boss.

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Copy_of_Aaaffxx.jpg (28940 bytes)THE BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA have blazed the trail of camping and other outdoor activities for boys.  Winter camps and all-weather hikes are a comparatively new phase of Scouting, but they have grown so rapidly in interest that some communities report more boys in short term and winter camps during the school year than in all the outdoor activities of the summer vacation period. 
James E West, 1927



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The "Winter Sports" Chapters from Dan Beard's Handbook, The Boy Pioneers: Sons of Daniel Boone


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The Nature of Snow & Ice, and the Promise of Winter Adventure




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How to be a terrific leader!

You must:

Be Organized -- know the background information

Have Vision -- understand the needs of the troop (or patrol)
-- understand where the troop or patrol is now
-- have a vision or goal of what the troop or patrol should become.

Make a Plan -- translate all goals and desires into definite actions
-- Who
-- What
-- Where
-- When
-- Why
-- How

Communicate -- Let others know stuff
-- Teach others know how to do stuff
-- Get others to do stuff (make them WANT to do it)
(By example)
(By persuadinging)
(By positive coaching)

Evaluate -- Listen to what others say
-- Figure out what the REAL problems are
-- Make changes


There are four stages of learning how to lead.
Everyone goes through them at least once. Many people go through them several times!

1. Enthusiastic Beginner 2. Disillusioned Learner 3. Cautious Learner 4.Self-Reliant Achiever
High Confidence Low Confidence Medium to High Confidence Supreme Confidence
Low Ability Some Ability Greater Ability High Ability




Troop leadership positions


Senior Patrol Leader (SPL)
* Preside at all troop meetings, events, and activities. Run the Patrol Leaders Council
* Keep patrol leaders informed
* Name appointed scout leaders with the advice and consent of the Scoutmaster
* Assign duties and responsibilities to other leaders
* Work with Scoutmaster in training junior leaders
* Set a good example
* Wear the uniform correctly
* Live by the Scout Oath and Law
Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL)
* Help with leading meetings and activities as called upon by the senior patrol leaden
* Take over troop leadership in the absence of the senior patrol leader
* Perform tasks assigned by the senior patrol leader
* Function as a member of the patrol leaders' council
* Set a good example
* Wear the uniform correctly
* Live by the Scout Oath and Law
Troop Guide (TG)
* Help Scouts meet advancement requirements through First Class
* Advise Patrol Leader on his duties and his responsibilities at Patrol Leaders' Council meetings
* Attend Patrol Leaders' Council meetings
* Prevent harassment of new Scouts by older Scouts
* Help assistant Scoutmaster train new patrol leaders when they are elected
* Guide new Scouts through early troop experiences to help them become comfortable in the troop and the outdoors
* Set a good example
* Wear the uniform correctly
* Live by the Scout Oath and Law
Patrol Leader (PL)
* Plan and lead patrol meetings and activities
* Keep patrol members informed
* Assign each patrol member a job and help them succeed
* Represent the patrol at all patrol leaders' council meetings * Prepare the patrol to take part in all troop activities
* Develop patrol spirit
* Work with other troop leaders to make the troop run well
* Know what patrol members and other leaders can do
* Set a good example
* Wear the uniform correctly
* Live by the Scout Oath and Law
Assistant Patrol Leader (APL)
* Assist the patrol leader in
* planning and leading patrol meetings and activities
* keeping patrol members informed
* preparing your patrol to take part in all troop activities
* Take charge of the patrol in the absence of the patrol leader
* Help Represent the patrol at all patrol leaders' council meetings
* Help develop patrol spirit
* Work with other troop leaders to make the troop run well
* Set a good example
* Wear the uniform correctly
* Live by the Scout Oath and Law
* Attend and keep a log of Patrol Leaders' Council meetings
* Record meeting & campout attendance
* Record advancement in troop records
* Set a good example
* Wear the uniform correctly
* Live by the Scout Oath and Law
Quartermaster (QM)
RESPONSIBLE TO: SPL (and works with the troop committee member responsible for equipment)
* Keep records of patrol and troop equipment
* Keep equipment organized and in good repair
* Make sure patrols take care of equipment * Suggest new or replacement items
* Work with troop committee member responsible for equipment
* Set a good example
* Wear the uniform correctly
* Live by the Scout Oath and Law
* Establish and maintain a troop library
* Keep records on literature owned by the troop
* Add new or replacement items needed
* Have literature available for borrowing at troop meetings
* Set a good example
* Wear the uniform correctly
* Live by the Scout Oath and Law
* Gather pictures and facts about past activities of the troop and keep them in scrapbooks, wall displays, or information files
* Take care of troop trophies and keepsakes
* Keep information about troop alumni
* Set a good example
* Wear the uniform correctly
* Live by the Scout Oath and Law
Junior Assistant Scoutmaster (JASM)
* Function as an Assistant Scoutmaster (except for leadership responsibilities reserved for adults 18 and 21 years of age or older)
* Accomplish any duties assigned by the Scoutmaster
* Set a good example
* Wear the uniform correctly
* Live by the Scout Oath and Law
Den Chief (DC)
RESPONSIBLE TO: SPL, Scoutmaster, Den Leader
* Serve as the activities assistant at den meetings
* Meet regularly with the den leader to review the den and pack meeting plans
* If serving as a Webelos den chief, prepare boys to join Boy Scouting
* Set a good example
* Wear the uniform correctly
* Live by the Scout Oath and Law