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Scout STUFF found on the Web
Hi Internet Scouters,
        Here is the latest Received for Scout Stuff FOUND on the Web.  Here is a Quick issue of "Scout Stuff FOUND on the Web."  As mentioned in our District Notes that you have also received, I took a good guess as to who our actual Scout Stuff Internet Scouter Subscribers are.  If I missed anyone, please let me know, however, if I missed anyone, then they didn't receive this.  Oh, Well. 
Again, My Thanks to Scouts-L, Scouts New England and the Internet for the resources below.
John Papp
**********Foil Cooking*************

Foil Cooking

The Foil Cooking that we will be discussing here could also be called a meal in a foil pouch. It's an easy, no fuss, way to have a good meal with little to no cleanup. And a great way to teach young Scouts how to cook their first meals on a camp out.


Aluminum Foil Tips:


"Reynolds Wrap" (Aluminum Foil) is celebrating their 50th Aniversary 1947-1997. Visit their World Wide Web Page at:

*************Woodbadge into the 21st Century************

Brief History of

Wood Badge and Gilwell Park


The Beginning of Wood Badge


Baden-Powell took the first steps in the training of Scouters by

organizing a series of lectures for Scouters in 1911. He made great

strides by devising and instituting Wood Badge training in 1919.

Wood Badge recipients now number more than 100,000 throughout the world.  The object of the Wood

Badge course is to demonstrate as practically as possible the aims and methods of

Scouting. Upon successful completion of the course, the participant receives a parchment

certificate and the Wood Badge—two wooden beads worn on a leather thong around

the neck. These beads replicate the beads found by Baden-Powell

during a campaign in Africa in 1888. They belonged to Dinizulu,

an African chieftain. In searching for a suitable recognition for

those who completed the first course in 1919, Baden-Powell

remembered the beads and decided to present a bead to each

participant. At that time, the course was called "Wood Badge."

The Wood Badge may be worn only with an official field uniform

of the BSA. The Scouter to whom it has been awarded may

also wear the tan neckerchief with its patch of Maclaren tartan at

the back. The Wood Badge neckerchief may only be worn with the

accompanying leather neckerchief slide or woggle.


Wood Badge Training Gets a Permanent Home


In 1919, W. F. de Bois Maclaren, a district commissioner in Scotland,

purchased Gilwell Park and presented it to The Scout Association

of Britain. He wanted "to provide a training ground for the officers

of the Scouting movement." Consequently, Gilwell Park became

the permanent home of Wood Badge training in England and

annually welcomes Scouters from around the world. The ax and

log symbol associated with Wood Badge is actually the totem of

Gilwell Park. Recently, The Scout Association has announced that

it would relocate its headquarters from London to Gilwell Park.

In 1929, at the Third World Jamboree at Birkenhead, England,

Sir Baden-Powell was made a baron by his king, and became Lord

Baden-Powell of Gilwell.

*****************Sleeping Pads*********************


Camping Sleeping Pad Poll


The purpose of this web page is to help Scout Leaders with outdoor product information. These are a continous running polls taken from Boy Scout Leaders on their prefered products, ones they have personally used in the field and recommend.


What is your prefered camping sleeping pad?

And what Manufacturer (Brand Name) do you prefer?



(By Cascade Designs)
Self-Inflating Pad 19
Coleman Self-Inflating Pad 2
Eastern Mountain Sports (EMS) Self-Inflating Pad 1
Kelty Self-Inflating Pad 4
Alp Sport Self-Inflating Pad 1
Sears Self-Inflating Pad 1
Cascade Designs Z-Rest - Closed Cell Foam Pad 2
Volarafoam Closed Cell Foam Pad 1
No Name Ensolite - Closed Cell Foam Pad 1
No Name Closed Cell Foam Pad 4
No Name Egg Crate - Open Cell Foam Pad 5
No Name Old Blankets & Quilts for Padding 1
Ames Air Matress 1
Coleman Air Matress 1
US Army Issue Air Matress 1


Product Web Page Links:

***********Swimming Merit Badge Updates!**************

Many of you looked in dismay at the greatly expanded swimming
merit badge, revised for 2001.   It seemed to take a merit badge
of moderate difficulty and make it into one which would be
difficult to attain.  Well, national apparently decided that
it had gone a little too far, and changed the requirements:
First Class req 9c has been removed from the First Class
req. and is now req (4) of the Swimming MB
Req 7 and 9 have been combined.  Scouts have to do
snorkeling/scuba OR competitive swimming skills
Req 11 "Assist with instruction in basic swimming skills........"
has been deleted entirely. 
Consult with your local councils for exact wording of this
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It's the start of.....  Snow Ball Fight 2001-2002 !!!!
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