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Dear Schenectady Scouters,

I had a scout meeting last night (Tues. 9/24/02) and learned the following:
The earlybird deadline for the camp-o-ree was extended a week, until 9/27.  While our count and unit participation is down, the overall council-wide pre-registration is not down that much.
I did not hear of any Sch'dy units having problems placing popcorn orders, but several other districts have.  The biggest problems seem to be units that do not have access to a computer, and computers that required software upgrading, to handle the process.
Some districts are/have looked into finding sites, such as a branch of the public library, for these units.  Let me know if this is something Sch'dy District needs to do?
Schenectady District 2003 Spring Camporee COMMITTEE Meeting
Next Roundtable October 9th, 7PM 
For info, feel free to contact me here at: Eaglemaster_3357@Juno.Com
Mel Oliveira is the leader for Tiger Cub Fun Day, Scouters can reach him at
        Troop Scout Masters - please let me know if you have any Boy Scouts who would be available to help out as Assistants and Guides.

        Pack Cub Masters - likewise for any Webelos.  This is a great opportunity for them to hone their leadership skills.

        Please let me know if you have any thoughts.   

Tiger Fun Day
What’s There !
Story Telling
Scavenger Hunt
Other Cool Stuff
Fun is the Plan !
Come join us for some Tiger fun and roaring laughter.  All tigers and their families are welcome.  When – October 19th at Camp Boyhaven, from 9:00am to 2:00pm.  Cost is $5.00 per Tiger, and will include lunch and a patch.
Packs - Please submit reservations with payment by October 11, 2002, to:  Rob Zack – Twin Rivers Boy Scout Council, 252 Washington Ave Ext., Albany, NY 12205
Meet at Camp Boyhaven – Rt. 29, Middle Grove at 10:00am.  All tigers must have an adult partner present.  For directions go to  For other information contact Mel Oliveira – 370-1006.

Welcome to Tiger Fun Day


You can do each activity as many or as few times as you like – in any order.






Try your hand at bow and arrow

Archery Range – across sport fields




Bread on a Stick

Learn how to make bread over a campfire with just a stick

Campfire area





Nature Walk

What is Nature about.  Can you identify the different trees, plants, wildlife.

Nature area – across dam and up hill




Camp Fire – Story Telling

Check out the White house and learn about camp boyhaven

White House





Natural Boat Making

Can you make a miniature boat out of things you find in the woods

Boating area





Scavenger Bingo

How many things can you find

Trading Post







9:00                registration at the Trading Post

9:15        Opening and Welcome at the parade grounds

9:30        Activity Period

12:00     Lunch at the dining hall

12:30     Activity period

1:00        Games at the parade grounds – note:  activities will stay open if everyone has not had a chance to complete them

1:30                assemble at flag pole

1:40                Campfire and Closing

2:00        go home and thank your parents for letting you be in Cub Scouts

I have been asked to extend an invitation to all Scouts and Scouters.

An invitation to attend the Annual Birthday Celebration of the Statue of Liberty in Schenectady. Every year the Schenectady-Schoharie Counties Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars has a program. The program has been going on for the past 45 years. We would appreciate your participation, bring your flags and enjoy the program.
It is the Schenectady Scouts from 1952 who purchased and originally dedicated this statue, it is now our honor to attend the yearly services, especially since this is the 50th ANNIVERSARY of our Schenectady Scouts ORIGINAL Donation.  PLEASE place this important ceremony on your unit calenders!!

The date is Saturday, October 26, at 10 AM, Liberty Park (across from the Downtown Schenectady YMCA and Schenectady County Community College).

Sincerely yours,

Grace Tangerone
Schenectady-Schoharie County Council
Ladies Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars

Passed along to you all as requested by Grace at the Schenectady County Council of Veterans Organizations meeting this evening.
Hope to see many of you there. Thanking you in advance for your attendance.

Yours in Scouting,
Kurt von Maucher
Pack 59 Webelos just did a bus accident simulation with the  Thomas Corners Fire Dept.  (they are the fire department for their school).  This was done at the school.
Each of the kids were assigned an injury.   I was told everything went wonderful.  We are hoping to make this an annual event. 
"Great Job Pack 59!"
The monthly roundtable is your forum and as such we solicit your needs with regard to monthly program training.  Our mission is to present material that will enhance your troop program as to enable your Scouts to Advance to First Class.  We are also concerned with membership retention as well as growth.  Please address this at the October roundtable.  John Papp has graciously accepted to serve on our Scout Roundtable staff and will be responsible for coordinating this as well as taking charge of the closing ceremony.  John and I look forward to continue to serve you as in the past.
Herb Roes, Scout Roundtable Commissioner
We remember where we were on that fateful day
We remember how we gathered as a nation just to pray
We remember how we watched as our people were destroyed
We remember a Great tragedy we could do nothing to avoid
We remember how our nation was intruded and deceived
We remember a great loss that can barely be believed
We remember months of mourning and our growing fears
We remember all our losses and our FLOWING bitter tears.
We remember all the heros who stepped forward on that day
We remember all of this, again we stop and pray.

        Nationwide Collaboration with Boy Scouts of America is Now in Development 

American Red Cross National Headquarters is working with the National
Office of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) to establish a national Health
and Safety collaboration between the two organizations.
This will be a great opportunity for local units of both organizations to take their
existing relationship to a higher level, with both gaining significant
benefits in return.  Affected Programs As a part of this relationship, BSA
is adopting the Red Cross Lifeguarding Program for meeting their core
lifeguard training requirements. Currently, BSA has its own separate
lifeguard program. 
BSA seeks to establish the capacity in all their local councils to develop their own instructors and conduct training in Red Cross programs that include:  Lifeguard Training;  Waterfront Lifeguarding; First Aid/CPR and AED programs;  Emergency Response;  Wilderness First Aid (offered through the Transylvania County Chapter, NC); and  Babysitter's Training.  Part of this effort is the development of a Nationwide
Multi-Jurisdictional Authorized Provider contract. Nationwide BSA involves
more than 3.3 million youth in traditional scouting programs (Cub Scouts,
Boy Scouts, Venturing) and more than 1.2 million adult scouting volunteers.
 Major benefits to the Red Cross from the relationship are:
Increased opportunities to reach and serve a major market for youth and
adults who will be taking Red Cross training - representing a potential of
more than 250,000 trained in Red Cross courses annually;  Major current and
potential source for instructors to teach Red Cross courses, not only
within scouting but also to the community at large;  Actual and potential
significant source of volunteers for Red Cross, not only in Health and
Safety, but also in Disaster and Biomedical;  Significant potential source of Red Cross career staff, especially when the character-building, community-service experience within scouting is combined with an association with Red Cross; and  Potential relationships through BSA to the nation's major corporate and government leaders - at both a local and national level. 
Benefits to BSA include: 
Meeting training requirements for youth and adults, in first aid and first responder (including CPR), aquatics and caregiving;  Increased ability to recruit and retrain
lifeguards nationwide, sufficient to meeting the growing needs and in face
of a growing shortage;  Successfully addressing concerns about risk
management and loss control through use of the high quality Red Cross
Ability to take advantage of the Red Cross standardized and
regularly revised training, to maintain on the cutting edge with the
standards of care;  Ability to develop and maintain their own instructor
and instructor trainer capacity within each of their more than 300 councils
 Ability to develop Venturers as instructors in vital Health
and Safety skills; and  Gaining synergy with the Red Cross to effectively
meet needs in the community. 
As the collaboration and related agreements
develop, national headquarters will contact chapters to provide updates.

For More Information If you have questions regarding the
Multi-Jurisdictional Authorized Provider Agreement, please contact Tom
Balling at <> or
(703) 206-6807.  If you have any other questions about the BSA
collaboration, please contact John Hendrickson at or (703) 206-7433. 
Last Modified: 07/29/2002 12:42:17 ET        
Mark  C. Butler
Emergency Services Specialist
Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 357
American Red Cross Northeastern New York
phone 518-458-8111 x3032
fax 518-459-8273
Yours in Scouting Spirit,
John M. Papp
"Nendawen" ~The Torch Carrier "He who shows the Way."
Eagle Scout Class of 1977
Scoutmaster of Troop 357 Rotterdam-Schenectady, New York
2001 National Jamboree "Jambo TODAY" Newspaper Photo Editor
Schenectady District Email Administrator
Schenectady District Webmaster
Schenectady District Scout Roundtable Assistant Commissioner
Award of Merit '01
Scoutmaster's Key '02
National Distinguished Scoutmaster's Award of Merit '02
"Since 9-11, America is coming back to the values that scouting has never left!"
~J.M. Papp
Words of Wisdom
David Bournazian~Music Director of the Mohonasen Marching Band
& Mentor