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Hi Schenectady District,
Below are my scribbling from last nights RT Meeting.  If you have any questions regarding any item, please feel free to contact the person who is noted in each paragraph.  Or feel free to drop me a note.  Being a State Employee, I'm used to telling people where to go. . . . (<;  LOL
Changes with this Email edition, are that I am attempting to give each name listed below a hotlink where you can easily click on it to contact them personally.  This will also be featured on the Website when this page is loaded in next week.
DISCLAIMER:  These notes are the results of my scribbling and recollection, I make no claims to it being 100% accurate.  Being now "almost" 40, I cannot have "Senior Moments," at least not yet.  So they are my "Junior Moments" for now.  Occasionally, (!?) I will express my opinion, however it is only my opinion.  This Opinion and a $1 will get me a cup of Vanilla Chai and a $1 more will get me a pack o' "Gummy Bears."
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****START October 9, 2002 Schenectady District Roundtable Notes****
************Schenectady District Training*******************
"A TRAINED Leader makes for a Quality Unit Program. . . .A Quality Unit Program brings in more Scouts, More Scouts bring in more Adult Volunteers, More Adult Volunteers means less work for you, the "Trained Leader."  As well as more FUTURE Trained Leaders." 
                                ever feel like you're running in circles? (JP)
Coordinator of Training for the Schenectady District, Harold Knox has announced the following Schedule for Schenectady Scouters. 
There is a Complete Schedule Available of Training Opportunities from all districts in the new September-October Issue of Twin Rivers "Signals", or from Harold.  If you have any District Training Questions, you can contact Harold.
Here are the details:
Webelos Leader Outdoor Training
Saturday 10/19/02 8:30AM to 4PM
Camp Boyhaven
Cost is $7 each
This course will focus on the outdoor phase of the Webelos Program.
        Bring a bag lunch, refreshments provided
        Bring pencil, paper and Webelos Handbook
        Dress for the outdoors, it may be cool
        pre registration REQUIRED by 10/16/02
Bob Fagan Course Director 399-4322 after 5PM
        Session #1 New Leaders Essentials Training & Youth Protection
                October 23, 2002 6:30PM registration
                        St Clares hospital, McClellan St. Schenectady
                        Cost is $2 for NLE, and $5 for Cub Leader Training
        Session #2 
                October 30, 2002 6:30PM
                        Cub Leader Training
                        St Clares hospital, McClellan St. Schenectady
        Course Director Mike King   372-2563   
        Registration due by 10/21/02
*******SCOUTING FOR FOOD '02******************
Bart Chabot reported on Scouting For Food this Fall.  Andy is currently in Kuwait, and couldn't get the time off to attend Roundtable. . . . . . . . .
So we discussed some current issues.
                Tye to Doorknob, Fence, Railings.
******Work Days at Camp Boyhaven************
Our Camp Boyhaven Ranger Gus Boucher told us about the upcoming Camp Boyhaven work days.  He is also in need of "wood choppers, splitters & cutters," they are building a "leanto mover," and already planning on getting things ready for next year!    He has projects for Tigers to us "Older" Veterans.  From Ages 6-66. 
We have projects for everyone big and small, Skilled or not.  CALL 885-7800 or 882-6040
We need chain saws & wood splitters.  We have tools for painting & trimming.
The camp needs your HELP, Morning, Afternoon or a WHOLE DAY.  Please join us for a day of work, fun and fellowship of scouting.   
Scouts who complete 4 hours of Camp Boyhaven Work will be eligible to purchase the Camp Boyhaven "Trailblazer" Strip. 
I am sure that you can call Gus to set up a work day to assist.  All help welcome.  
********From Sarah*********************
Sarah reported that the Great Escape Fall Council Camporee had about 2000 in Attendance.  Special Thanks to all the Schenectady District Volunteers!  She is requesting the input of all Schenectady Units who attended. 
        Sarah also said "Thanks" to Denise Sherman-Schwind, Coordinator of Pack 888, and our District's Show N Sell Popcorn Sales for units up at the Glenville Walmart's.  It was said that each unit who participated made a minimum of $1000 in Sales.
        **** IMPORTANT****  All Popcorn Orders are to be Submitted on the Web  DO NOT CLICK "Submit to Council" UNTIL your order is finalized. 
        We need YOUR Ideas for 2003's Council Event.  (i.e. Camporee?  Scout Show?  etc. . .)  Send your suggestions to SARAH.
        Sarah also talked about past recipients of the Prestigious Council Silver Beaver Award.  Info on nominating someone is located below.   
While we're on Silver Beavers, Special Thanks to Sarah for compiling a Complete list of Schenectady District (And Formerly Council) Silver Beavers.  This list dates back to 1933 and has been formatted for placement on our District Web Site within the next week. 
Here is the news on our "NEW" Schenectady District Web Site.  We have 44 Pages of Vital District Information up and running now on the Internet, with several pages waiting to be added. (District Calender, "About the Schenectady District", About Schenectady County, Silver Beavers, Training Etc. . .)
There are 2 Address's you can use to get in:
Both work well depending upon YOUR WEB BROWSER.
So Stop on by, click around a bit, and if you find any problems, mistakes, or goofs, LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY
If there are any units that I do NOT have listed as "Units on the Web," Please contact me with YOUR Website address. 
We have also added a "Webmasters Notes & Updates" page, so that you can see the changes and updates to the District Website.  As well as "when" they were made, this will keep YOU up to date!
If you have any Scouting Websites that You would like to add to our Sites for Scout Surfing, Email me. 
This is YOUR DISTRICT Web SITE, let's have YOUR input.
And PLEASE make SURE that you sign our
Guest Book.
2003 Schenectady District SPRING  Camporee Committee Meeting
10/9/02 7PM
In Attendance John Papp, Harold Knox, Pete Rosa, Steve Hyashi
Date: May 16, 17, 18, 2003
Location: TBA
Theme:  We want YOUR VOTE, Indian Lore OR Disaster Preparedness.  Decision will be made based upon YOUR VOTES, so let John Papp know as soon as possible. 
Need Cub Leaders on Committee.
Once Location is finalized, we will work on logistics for Bathrooms, Water, Program, etc. . .
The Committee jokingly nominated Jack Whitehead as Committee Chair. 
More news to follow in the near future.
NEXT SDSCC Meeting will be at the Next Roundtable, at 7PM.  Please feel free to JOIN us, we do need YOUR assistance.
Each year at the Council Annual Meeting, several dedicated and deserving Scouting Volunteers are awarded the prestigious Silver Beaver Award.  This award is the highest form of recognition that a council can present to a volunteer.
This award does not just happen by itself.  Applications for qualified candidates must be submitted by friends, family and fellow Scouters who know their story that makes them special. 
Accomplishments that are considered for the Silver Beaver include:
        Scouting tenure
        Service to Scouting
        Service to the community outside of Scouting
Contact Nancy Hartstein at 869-6436 x39 for a Silver Beaver Application.  Remember, no matter how worthy a Scouter may be, they can't be recognized or even considered unless an application is submitted on their behalf.   ~from the Twin Rivers "Signals" Newsletter
**********SPECIAL SERVICES Our Scouts Should Attend********
  • Schenectady District Scouts Statue of Liberty Rededication Services, Saturday October 26th 2002 at 9AM.  ALL SCOUTS, CUB SCOUTS & LEADERS REQUESTED to attend.  (Sorry Herb)
It is the Schenectady Scouts from 1952 who purchased and originally dedicated this statue, it is now our honor to attend the yearly services, especially since this is the 50th ANNIVERSARY of our Schenectady Scouts ORIGINAL Donation.  PLEASE place this important ceremony on your unit calenders!!
Additional Note, the Gazette contacted me for media Coverage of this Ceremony.  Look for an Article in their Sunday October 27th Edition.  Reporter Jeff Wilkin did the interview. 
  • Veteran's Day Services will be held at Veteran's Park, State Street, opposite the new MVP Building at 11 AM on November 11th. Open House at Rotterdam Elks Lodge 2157, Curry Road after the Services.  Rotterdam Services 2:30PM at Town Hall.

    The youth of today must continue the spirit of patriotism and remembering those who sacrificed so that we all can be free.

    Kurt von Maucher    
Commissioner Troop 15 & 357
**************40th Anniversary Klondike Patches***************
        Herb Roes, past Coordinator for the Schenectady (formerly Eastern Mohawk) Klondike Derby and Deep Freeze has created a wonderful Klondike Patch Commemorating the upcoming 40th Anniversary Klondike and Deep Freeze. 
        This Klondike is well known throughout Twin Rivers Council and the Northeast as "One of the Most Competitive" Klondike Events in the Country today!
        Since the 25th Klondike, Commemorative Anniversary Patches have been Created every 5 years. (25th, 30th, 35th and now 40th) 
These are NOT the official Klondike Patches you will receive up at the Klondike/Deep Freeze this coming January.  These are Commemoratives where a caring Scouter has gone out of his way to create a memory for all of us.
All Proceeds for the Patches will be given to Camp Boyhaven Projects Fund.  Cost is ONLY $2 each.  ONLY 300 were made.
Contact Herb for Yours TODAY before they sell out. 372-2214 or email 
************Tiger Cub FUN DAY 2002******************
All New Tiger Cubs and their partners are invited to come to Camp Boyhaven Saturday, October 19th for a day of games and activities.  An Opening ceremony will be held at 9:00AM, and the event will conclude at approximately 2:00PM  The cost is $5 per Tiger Cub and includes lunch.  Please pre-register at our Council Service Center. 
If you have any questions, please contact our District Cub Activities Coordinator Denise Sherman-Schwind at 347-2870 or Head Tiger Mel Oliveira 
 DEN CHIEFS for this day are also needed. 

Hello Schenectady Scouters:

Tiger Fun Day is THIS Saturday.
Thank you again in advance to everyone who has volunteered to help out in providing some good old Boy Scout fun.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone bright and early at 8:00am, near the White House.

A note of travel, there is a detour for Middleline Road, as a bridge is being worked on (very near Route 29).  The detour is clearly defined.  Also, Rout 29 is being worked on, so don't miss the road for Boyhaven.

What to bring: each person should bring a bag of potato chips (for lunch) to donate, and if you have walkie talkies, bring those too.  Other than that, bring your good old Scouting humor.

Here is a run down of the activities:

  • Archery (Drew Chesney and 2 Scouts) will be held at the Archery Range
  • Bread on a Stick (Rob Zak and his son, and 1 Scout) will be held at the Campfire area
  • Nature Walk (MaryAnne Jordon and 2 Scouts) will be near the Nature Lodge across the dam
  • Natural Boat Making (Tammy Deamour and 1 Scout) will be held at the Fishing Lake
  • Scavenger Bingo (Ruth Lacoss) will be run from the Trading Post
  • We will have a Campfire, hosted by Ranger Gus at the Campfire area after lunch
  • And Lunch will be in the Dining Hall, courtesy of John Dohring and MaryAnne Jordan

9:00    Registration at the Trading Post
9:15    Opening and Welcome at the parade grounds
9:30    Activity Period
12:00   Lunch at the dining hall
12:30   Activity period
1:00    Games at the parade grounds - note:  activities will stay open if everyone has not had a chance to complete them

1:30    Assemble at flag pole
1:40    Campfire and Closing
2:00    Go home and thank your parents for letting you be in Cub Scouts


    Mel Oliveira 


    (NOW, lets hope for no RAIN or snow.  . . . .JP)

************KLONDIKE DERBY 2003***********************************
 Klondike Derby and Deep Freeze at Camp Boyhaven Celebrates 40th Anniversary in January, 2003!  And You’re Invited!

         The 40th Annual Klondike Derby and Deep Freeze at Camp Boyhaven will be held January 25-26, 2003.  Event brochures will be in the mail to Schenectady and Sir William Johnson District Scoutmasters by October 15.  Other Twin Rivers Council troops are most welcome to join us!  Leaders may obtain information from the Camp Boyhaven website at (after November 1) or by contacting George Loucks (884-0588).  Come one; come all!  Let’s celebrate the “Big Four-O” in a Big Way!

Cub and Webelos Dens are invited to Camp Boyhaven on Saturday, January 25 to observe 50 or more Boy Scout Patrols as they compete in the Klondike Derby skill events.  Do note, however, that no activities are planned for Cubs or Webelos on Saturday; they are not to overnight camp with a Boy Scout Troop.  This is an event for Boy Scout participation only.  There are no registration fees for Cubs, their leaders or parents.  Special patches will be presented to the first 125 boys who register on Saturday, January 25.  More detailed information will be available at fall Roundtable Meetings.  Or contact George Loucks  at 884-0588    

(And for HERE, we HOPE for SNOW!! . . . .Figure that one out!  . . . . .JP)

****************Schenectady District Email Calender************
We are NOW creating a Schenectady District Email Calender with all notable Dates of importance.  It will be sent to you within the upcoming week, as well as be available on our District Website. 
If you have ANYTHING that you wish to have added to this calender, PLEASE feel free to send it to me
Including your Unit Fundraisers.  I like to KNOW when units are having Breakfasts, Car Washes, Popcorn sales, Christmas Wreath Sales Etc. . . .  So we can ALL help support each other.
This is YOUR District Email List, let's support YOUR Unit & Community Activities, Fundraisers etc. . .
**********Scoutmaster's Session****************
Our Scoutmaster's Session included quite a few ideas on our Magazine References for our Unit Programs and a Great Panel Discussion on Scouting for the Disabled.    We found out quite a bit on the needs and procedures for Disabled Scouts.  Including Time Limits, Changes in Requirements etc. . .  Special THANKS to Harold Knox, Sarah Chadwick and Walt Seefeld who Sat on our Panel. 
The Sisilija Chapter of Lodge 19 Announced the Fall Fellowship up at Camp Rotary on October 25-27th, 2002.  The Founders Award will be presented, as well as Lodge Elections and Fellowship. 
Sisilija Chapter Winter Banquet will be December 20th, 2002 at the Masonic Temple in Rotterdam/5 Corners.  (SAME Location as last Winter)
That's Enough for now Scouters!  Have a GREAT WEEK!
Yours in Scouting Spirit,
John M. Papp
"Nendawen" ~The Torch Carrier, "He who shows the way."
Eagle Scout Class of 1977
Scoutmaster of Troop 357, Rotterdam-Schenectady, New York
2001 National Jamboree "Jambo TODAY" Photo Editor
Schenectady District Email Administrator
Sisilija Chapter Patch Advisor
Aged Patch Collector
Web Sites at: John's General Entrance
                     "New" Troop 357 Website 
                      Schenectady District BSA
"Since 9-11, America is coming BACK to the Values that SCOUTING has NEVER LEFT!"
~J.M. Papp
July 1st, 1798 "The first duck-billed platypus fur is sent to the British Museum in London, complete with bill and tail.  Initially, no one believes it is real."  ~The Far Side