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Hi Schenectady Scouters,
Here is our Latest "news" from our November 13th Roundtable. 
**************Start 11/13/02 RT Notes*******************
CONGRATULATIONS and Thank You to all of the 70 Scouters who completed Session #1 of New Leaders Essentials recently held at St. Clares Hospital.    A special Note of Thanks to all of the Instructors, Mike King, Harold Knox, John Papp, Rob Zak for an Excellent, and "somewhat" entertaining Session!
The District Presented T357 ASM Pete Rosa with the Cub Scouter and Den Leader Awards that he completed last year in his former Pack 16.  Great JOB PETE!!
*********************CUB ACTIVITIES***************************
Sarah announced that Denise Sherman-Schwind has been nominated to serve on the District Staff as ADC for New Units, where she will be an integral part in the creation, training and support of Areas in need of a Scout Unit.  CONGRATULATIONS DENISE, remember, "It's ONLY an hour a week!"
Ruth Announced the Theme for the 2003 Day Camp will be "Around the World in 5 Days."  They are already "Hiring" the Staff, training, planning, and are revising the provisional fee.  For any Packs interested in a Day Camp Presentation, contact Ruth at:
Camping Committee announced that the Dates are WRONG, and will be given to us at a later date.  Fees are Announced, we will be receiving the info directly from Council.  "Sooooo, if you didn't see the dates, pay no mind, if you did, then pay no mind, if your confused, pay no mind.  Understand?"
************TIGER CUB FUN DAY '02*************
Mel Oliveira announced that they had over 60 Tigers in attendance at the Camp Boyhaven Tiger Fun Day, many were from other Districts!  They provided plenty of activities for the anticipated RAIN!!  Around 11AM, it POURED.  So all moved into Carter Hall, and with Assistance from Troops 37, 50 & 357, provided the Tigers with a "fairly" warm & Dry Place to play games, eat lunch and participate in a Flag Retirement Ceremony provided by T357.
************Okpik '03***********
Ted Brown spoke on the upcoming Dates for the Okpik 2003 Cold Weather Camping Training. 
        Okpik for Adults will be held January 4-5 at Camp Boyhaven. $30 Registration
        GAWASA for Youth 13 yrs old & 1st Class February 21-23 at Woodworth Lake Scout Reservation.  $25 Registration.
Register at Council HQ.
Michelle from the Pepsi Arena announced several Activities coming up, along with a COUNCIL APPROVED "Siena LOCK-IN" on January 4th.  Cost is $15 a Scout.  For Details, stop by Council HQ and pickup one of their flyers.
********Friends of Scouting Presentations***********
Rob Zak is Requesting each unit to schedule Dates with him to provide you with a Family FOS Presentation.  He is requesting it to be held in January, February, March if at all possible. 
They are also scheduling presentations to promote Twin Rivers Council Camps, if you wish to receive one, contact Rob.
*********Interesting Facts**************
Twin Rivers Council Serves 20,000 Scouts
Schenectady District Serves 2,400 Scouts
*****************WINTERFEST '03********************
March 22nd, 2003, Saturday, MARK YOUR CALENDERS!!
District Pinewood Derby, Scout Show, Games, Fun!
Rotterdam Square Mall, 9AM until ?? 
For details Contact Coordinator Denise at: 
**************The Unknown Scouts**************
Rob is Requesting that all unit leaders, Cubs, Scouts, Ventures to get your registration paperwork into Council HQ NOW.  We have a lot of Scouts not Officially registered due to paperwork not being filed.   This is ESSENTIAL for Insurance Coverage.
***********CHARTER CLASS*************
At the December Roundtable, we will be receiving our Unit Charter Paperwork.  Every unit should plan to send one person to the Dec. Roundtable to pick up their recharter packet, and to attend the  split on "Tips to Rechartering". 
This is in addition to their usual attendance who attend the Cub/Scout Split.  It would be really great if we could deliver all of the packets to the units the night of RT.  It is very time consuming contacting the units to determine who's responsible for this
task, then to deliver the packet to them.
*******New National Policy******
Rob Reported that there is a NEW National Policy where each and every new leader will have a Criminal Background Check done by National BSA.
*******GREAT JOB PACK 888********
GREAT JOB to the Cubs, Leaders of Pack 888 and Jack Arnecke for the FANTASTIC Public Service Spot seen on Channel 6 for our Scouting For Food this past week.  The Cubs looked Great and really put out the message to our Community.
"Man, If only Scouting could get MORE positive PR like this!!!"
******Crossover Season********
Well, once we get through Recharter Season, we will have Crossover Season, (Whatever happened to Spring?) Units should be coordinating with their preferred Scout Troops and Webelos Dens to coordinate Activities to provide a smooth Transition from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting.  For more ideas, stop by our District Web site at
********CONFIRMED RUMORS********
There WILL be an "Institute of Scouting/Pow Wow" in 2003, to be held by the Saratoga District.  "Stay Tuned for DETAILS, Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel."
*********WANT MORE POPCORN?********
There was a unit that ordered cases of popcorn instead of units. They have about 100 cases of assorted popcorn at the Council Office.  Can be sold as case units or by individual packages to fill orders. If some of your guys need a few or have gotten late orders this is a way to fill the orders.

Kurt von Maucher
**********2003 Schenectady District Dinner*****************
New date for the Schenectady District Dinner is April 30, 2003 at the First Reform Church in Scotia.  Do you any good ideas for the dinner?  We are looking for Theme ideas, suggestions, etc. 
Contact Marrianne Jordon at:
************Christmas TREES!************
Support your fellow Scouts!
Pack 67 will be holding a Christmas Tree sale on Saturday, December 14th from 10am to 4pm
564 Sacandaga Road-Glenville. 
Prices are $10 and $20 each 
See you there (and dont forget your rope!)
Denise M. Sherman-Schwind
*******SCOUTING FOR FOOD '02*********
GREAT JOB and a "Salute" to all of our Scouting For Food 2002 Participating Units, our Cubs, Scouts, Leaders & Parents Collecting over 28,000 Food Items for the Scouting for Food Drive this past Saturday.  Our Sincere THANKS to each and everyone of you. 
~Bart and Andy
****************Cub Summer Resident Camp***********************
  Cub Scout parents and leaders that Boyhaven Summer Resident Camp information is now posted to the Camp website: at the "Resident Camp '03" tab on the Home Page.  This information will be coming along in hard copy soon, but cyber Scouts can get an early look at the program and a head start on filling out their reservation forms.

 Questions should be directed to the Summer Camp Program Director at 885-9355
 or by sending an e-mail to
~George Loucks
*****************For our Service People overseas*****************
Please take 10 seconds to visit the Department of Defense web page below and
add your name to America's Thank-you Note for the men and women of the U.S.
military services for defending our freedom. The compiled list of names will
be sent out to our soldiers at the end of the month. So far, there are only
about 1,829,898  names. What a shame.
National Military appreciation Week (please pass it on).
National Military Appreciation Month
****************Schenectady District Email Calender************
We are NOW creating a Schenectady District Email Calender with all notable Dates of importance.  It will be sent to you within the upcoming week, as well as be available on our District Website. 
If you have ANYTHING that you wish to have added to this calender, PLEASE feel free to send it to me
Including your Unit Fundraisers.  I like to KNOW when units are having Breakfasts, Car Washes, Popcorn sales, Christmas Wreath Sales Etc. . . .  So we can ALL help support each other.
This is YOUR District Email List, let's support YOUR Unit & Community Activities, Fundraisers etc. . .
Here is the news on our "NEW" Schenectady District Web Site.  We have 44 Pages of Vital District Information up and running now on the Internet, with several pages waiting to be added. (District Calender, "About the Schenectady District", About Schenectady County, Silver Beavers, Training Etc. . .)
There are 2 Address's you can use to get in:
Both work well depending upon YOUR WEB BROWSER.
So Stop on by, click around a bit, and if you find any problems, mistakes, or goofs, LET ME KNOW IMMEDIATELY
If there are any units that I do NOT have listed as "Units on the Web," Please contact me with YOUR Website address. 
We have also added a "Webmasters Notes & Updates" page, so that you can see the changes and updates to the District Website.  As well as "when" they were made, this will keep YOU up to date!
If you have any Scouting Websites that You would like to add to our Sites for Scout Surfing, Email me. 
This is YOUR DISTRICT Web SITE, let's have YOUR input.
And PLEASE make SURE that you sign our
Guest Book.
And that is ALL I have for now.  Believe it, or NOT. 
 From my Family to YOURS, a Very Safe, Warm and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!
DISCLAIMER:  These notes are the results of my scribbling and recollection, I make no claims to it being 100% accurate.  Being now "almost" 40 next month, I cannot have "Senior Moments," at least not yet.  So they are my "Junior Moments" for now.  Occasionally, (!?) I will express my opinion, however it is only my opinion.  This Opinion and a $1 will get me a cup of Vanilla Chai and a $1 more will get me a pack o' "Gummy Bears."
PLEASE feel free to "forward" this entire message to ANY Parents or Leaders in your Units.  Or better yet, print it out for your meetings and quite possibly a good laugh.
IF anyone ever wishes to be added to this unique email list, please have them email me here at:
Eaglemaster_3357@Juno.Com with their Name, Position and Unit.  Blank Checks also accepted daily.
This email list prides itself on being concise, informative, and a Communication Tool for our District and your units.  We do NOT accept Commercial Advertising, only wish to inform you on District/Council Activities, Unit Fundraisers, and Scouting.
We currently have 204 (!) Scout Leaders on this email list.  This is now the Largest District Email List in Twin Rivers Council THANKS TO YOU!
IF you receive MORE than one copy of this posting, please notify me and accept my apologies.  Free email you know.
Attention all Internet Scouters, I am sending the next edition of "Scout Stuff FOUND" this week.  If you have subscribed for this great list, and do not receive it by Friday, please let me know, the entire Scout Stuff Address List is now vapor, so I rewrote it from memory, which isn't the greatest all the time.  (<;
If you wish to be ADDED to this list, reply back to me here at Eaglemaster_3357@Juno.Com and we will be more than glad to add you to our Internet Scouting Surfer's list.  This list sends out every now and then (READ: When John get's some free time) messages, hints, ideas, links and info that is ahhhhhh, errrrr "Scout Stuff Found on the WEB!"
Yours in Scouting Spirit,
Never forget these four points about Scouting:
1-The Youth are the reason for Scouting. They own the movement.
2-Anything that supports #1 is good,
3-Anything that diminishes #1 is bad.
4-In cases of confusion, consult #1.
"Our earth is degenerate in these latter days.  There are signs that the world is speedily coming to an end.  Bribery and corruption are common. 
Children no longer obey their parents.  Every man wants to write a book, and the end of the world evidently is approaching."
  --  From an Assyrian tablet of about 2800 B.C.E.

        The hardest years in life are those between ten and seventy
        -Helen Hayes (at 73)-  
        Things are going to get a lot worse before they get worse
        -Lily Tomlin-  
        Every time I close the door on reality it comes in through the windows. 
        -Jennifer Unlimited-  
        I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once. 
        -Jennifer Unlimited-  
        If you can't be a good example, then you'll just have to be a horrible warning.  
        I'm not going to vacuum 'til Sears makes one you can ride on. 
        -Roseanne Barr-  
        Nobody can make you feel inferior
        without your permission. 
        -Eleanor Roosevelt-