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May 2002 Roundtable Notes
Hi Everyone,
We're coming into a very busy week & a half for our Troop, so I figured that I had better get these important Schenectady District Roundtable Notes out to you.
From Rob Zak:
The Sir William Johnson District "Mission Impossible" Camporee had the wrong reported times, 8 to 3 is INCORRECT.  The Correct Times are 9pm to 1am.
Schenectady District Spring 2003 Camporee Meeting:
Drew Chesney our Lodge Chief has "volunteered" to chair the Camporee. 
Discussions were as follows:
        2-250 Scouts/Leaders Staying Overnight
        3-350 Scouts/Cubs/Leaders participating Saturday (anticipated)
        John Papp has "volunteered" to chair the patch design committee.  THANKS for twisting my arm Rob.
        Denise Schwind will chair the Cub Program Activities.
        Indian Lore will be the "theme"
        Tentative Schedule:
                9AM Opening
                9:30-11:30 AM Activities
                11:30-1PM Lunch
                1PM-4PM Afternoon Activities
                4-5PM Break
                5-7PM Dinner
                8PM Evening campfire/OA Callout
Camporee Committee:
Drew Chesney
Rob Zak
John Papp
Andy Kopach
Steve Hyashi
Denise Schwind
Tom Burgoyne
Jack Whitehead
Harold Knox
We will be having 10 Stations for Program Activities
        Firebuilding (Matchless) John Papp/T357
and looking for more.
5/8/02 Roundtable Notes:
Harold talked to us about the upcoming Jr Leader Training Conference held by our Council in August.  For details contact Harold at:
Units in attendance this evening with Displays of "Our Favorite Place to Go" Camping, touring etc. . .
Day Camp
Pack 59
Pack 67
Troop 15
Troop 65
Troop 357
It was reported that the BSA Annual Registration Fee is going up this year from $7 per person to $10 per person. 
Sarah has the mailbox system working again.  We will have a folder assigned to each and every unit, please check this box at each roundtable to ensure that you are getting all available information.
We said "Thank You" to Marianne Jordon & Denise Schwind for all of their fine efforts for this years Recognition dinner.
It was reported that we have had 500 "Drops" in membership in our District this Charter Year.  All Unit Leaders are asked to go through their Charter's to ensure that all of your scouts are registered, transferred etc. . .
********DEN CHIEF'S WANTED****************************
Ruth LaCoss, Cub Day Camp Director NEEDS DEN CHIEFS,  July 29th- August 2nd.  Transportation is being provided from SCCC (tentative) to Camp Boyhaven
if interested,
 please contact Ruth at 346-0164
Memorial Weekend Service available:
We are looking for a unit to assist with placing Flags on the Graves of Veterans at Most Holy Redeemer Cemetery on Rt 7.  Contact Sarah for details:
June RT Date is our Kickoff for Next Year.  We will be discussing Recruiting & the Fall Camporee.
August 7th, 6PM will be our Popcorn Kickoff for the District, Blatnick Park, Next to Knolls Atomic Power Lab & the GE R & D Center.
Sarah wants YOUR Roundtable Suggestions: please contact her at:
We also read the recent letter in Scouting Magazine saying Thanks to a T31 Eagle who worked with "dogs for the blind" as his Eagle Project.  Nice Job!
We also talked about our Recognition Dinner, possibly moving it into March so as to NOT conflict with Sports Schedules.  Also, discussion was to possible have a BBQ or go back to the Scotia Church where it was held for many years previously.
. . . . . .And that was all, we went home. 
I would like to thank everyone who joined in the work days at Boyhaven this weekend.
We had a great group ranging in all ages and beautiful weather to work in. (good lunch too)
We were able to put a good dent in the work we need to complete however there is still more to get done!!!
If you are interested in helping out please contact me.
Ranger Gus

Dear The Boy Scout Leaders,


Iím writing this letter to offer you a fund raising opportunity and to be part of the Schenectady Air Show.


Our company, Hemispheres Concessions, has the rights to sell fresh squeezed lemonade and pretzels at the Schenectady Air Show dated May 25-26, 2002.  We are looking for a fund raising group to operate the booths and in return receive 10% of the sales. There are 8 locations, each location consisting of one lemonade and one pretzel cart, needing 3-4 persons to service each location plus one to two persons to co-ordinate the group.  The volunteer group will be responsible for the selling of the products and the receiving of money. The volunteers can be family, friends or anyone mature enough to handle money and the service of the general public.


This show has the potential of being a high grossing show as the Blue Angels are performing. The squadron should be able to raise between $1500-$2500 for the two days, depending on the weather, staffing levels and attendance. You can agree to take on all 8 locations or just a few depending on your resources. We will guarantee $100 per location that your unit takes on. The group will receive all entrance passes into the show plus meal vouchers for each volunteer. You are welcome to wear the unitís T-shirt and display literature at each booth. You may also get other units involved.


One of your coordinators and I will routinely throughout the day do pick ups of money, each pick up being duplicated so we both have copies. All monies will be settled on the Sunday at the conclusion of the event.


The hours will be 8am to 5pm both days.  For any further questions please do not hesitate to phone me at 1 877 504 1842 or Email me at I look forward to hearing from you soon.


 Nicola Watson, Owner


Hi Scouters!

If you havenít heard, I'm the new district popcorn chairman for the 2002 Trailís End Popcorn drive and I wanted to introduce myself to you. My name is Larry Vincent and Iím out of Troop and Pack 50. Assisi ting me this year is Denise Schwind from Pack 67.

We are looking forward to serving your needs and making your Trails End Popcorn sale a success. I'm hoping we can exceed our 2001 sales of $90,000.00 Our goal this year is $125,000. You can see that this is a sizable increase over our 2001 sales but I believe it is possible. My own unit went from sales of $4,600 in 1999 to over $14,000 in each of the last two years. I look forward to the opportunity to share with you the techniques Pack 50 used to increase sales.

Selling Trailís End Popcorn is a wonderful way for each unit to meet itís financial goals. On top of that; 30% of your sales goes to our council and thatís a win win for everyone. We're looking for several more volunteers to assist our committee. If you would like to help, please let me know.

Denise is also this years Popcorn Kick-Off Coordinator. The Kick-Off will be held on August 7th at Blaatnick Park. More details to follow.  She is looking for a few assistants to help coordinate events. If interested contact her @ 518-369-7304 or

Thanks for your time! Please call or Email me with any questions.

Larry Vincent

Schenectady District Popcorn Chairman

641-4061 (W)

356-6674 (H)

*******************UPDATED 5/16/02 District Calender*****************************
MAY 2002
18       Sisilija Chapter Elangomat Training
22        Scotia Memorial Parade Info: Kurt VonMacher
23       Rotterdam Memorial Parade, Mohonasen Driveway Lineup. 6PM
            Rotterdam Memorial Service, Town Hall 2:30PM, VFW 1895 Open House Following
31, June 1-2, Sisilija Chapter Spring Ordeal at Camp Boyhaven.
JUNE 2002
 9        American Legion Post 1092, 1809 Union Street will be having a Flag Ceremony and Flag Retirement                 on Sunday, June 9 at 4 PM. You all are invited to bring your used Flags to the Post either prior to                 that day or on the day of the ceremony and attend. 
  11        Rotterdam Elks Flag Day Parade/Services  Mohonasen Driveway      6PM
12        District Program Kick-Off Meeting
JULY 2002
29-8/2 Cub Scout Day Camp
National Order of the Arrow Conference - July 27- August 1 { 2 days for traveling before and after}
17-18        Sisilija Chapter Fun Weekend
28 Popcorn Kick-Off
That is EVERYTHING as of TODAY, all subject to change TOMORROW.
Yours in Scouting Spirit,
John M. Papp
"Nendawen" ~The Torch Carrier, "He who shows the way."
Eagle Scout Class of 1977
Scoutmaster of Troop 357, Rotterdam-Schenectady, New York
2001 National Jamboree "Jambo TODAY" Photo Editor
Schenectady District Email Administrator
Sisilija Chapter "Service" Advisor
Aged Patch Collector
Web Sites at:      &
"Since 9-11, America is coming BACK to the Values that SCOUTING has NEVER LEFT!"
~J.M. Papp