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January 2002 Roundtable Notes
Hi Schenectady District,
Here we go with another fun-filled edition of Roundtable Notes!
DISCLAIMER:  These notes are the results of my scribbling and recollection, I make no claims to it being 100% accurate.  Being now 39, I cannot have "Senior Moments," at least not yet.  So they are my "Junior Moments" for now.  Occasionally, (!?) I will express my opinion, however it is only my opinion.  This Opinion and a $1 will get me a cup of Coffee. 
PLEASE feel free to "forward" this entire message to ANY Parents or Leaders in your Units.  Or better yet, print it out for your meetings and quite possibly a good laugh.
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After 5 years at "Street-Rodder" I "think" the account exploded from excessive usage.    Let's see how long I can keep this one, any bets?
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Herb started off the meeting with encouragement for all of us to become 100% Boys Life Units, Boys Life helps our Programs with pertinent articles on this months Themes and Activities.
Sarah Reported that she is now accepting Charters that have been reviewed & signed by your Unit Commissioners. 
New Schenectady District Training Schedule:
NEW LEADER ESSENTIALS:  The first part of Basic Training for Cub Scout, Boy Scout and Venture Crew Leaders.  January 23, 2002 from 6:30-9:00PM  (registration begins at 6PM)  at Sacandaga Elementary School. (No Cost listed on form)
CUB SCOUT LEADER TRAINING:  2nd Part of Basic Training for Cub Scout Leaders.  Includes specific training for all pack and den leadership positions.  January 30, 2002 from 6:30-9:PM (registration begins at 6PM)  at Sacandaga Elementary School. Cost is $5 per participant.
Directions:  From Schenectady, Rte 5 through Scotia, turn right on to Rte 147, (Sacandaga Rd), then turn RIGHT onto Seeley Ave, across from Grand Union and then first RIGHT.
For more info, call Ben Conlon at 399-3567
Sarah also talked about the upcoming Deep Freeze/Klondike on the 25th-27th of this month up at Camp Boyhaven.  The Rotterdam Square Mall Scout Show/Pinewood Derby on February 16th.  Roseanne Johnson of Pack 12 is working on a Flyer which I will get the details out to you ASAP. 
Sarah also asked about Crossovers, all 2nd Year Webelos should be now making their final choices as to which Troop they wish to join, completing the Scout Application and making Crossover Arrangements with the Troop Leader.
We also congratulated Mark Johnson as being selected Silver Beaver for Twin Rivers Council at the upcoming Council Annual Dinner.
Scoutmasters groaned at the loss of Mary Ann as our SM Session Refreshment Chairperson.  We've had unbelievable homemade goodies all fall.  Thank You Mary Ann!  Where is she going?  Oh, she has been promoted to Cub RT Commissioner replacing beloved Pat Henry.  Good Luck Mary Ann!  Please feel free to sneak us some of your homemade Chocolate chips any time!
And that was all for the RT General Session: 
SM Session:
Well, besides the two Fire Alarms, all went great!  We had a Fantastic Session on light weight Cooking/foods session put on by Troop 357 ASM and Silver Beaver Jim Lokenburg Sr.  Jim gave a great insight on boil bag breakfasts, pasta's, soups and breads.  And NO, it wasn't the sterno or Stove setting off the Alarms!  Jim's Favorite Recipes are noted below \/
Troop 101, Please contact me, I have been holding onto your Fort Ticonderoga Camporee Patches for awhile now.  John Papp 356-3897
Deep Freeze/Klondike Meeting:
It was also reported that Leaders who are interested presenting their ideas/insight, can attend the Deep Freeze/Klondike Staff meeting, it will be held this Wednesday January 16th at 7PM.  Buhrmasters' Office 421 Sacandaga Road (Rte 147) Scotia.
Banock/Trail Bread
From the Kitchen of Troop 357
Servings: one
Category: Breads
Prep Time: 10-15 Min
1 cup of Flour
1 tsp salt
4 tsp baking powder
2 Tbs butter
sugar & or cinnamon optional to taste
Blend all items with knife or pastery paddle (In EVERY Backpackers pack?), place in zip lock bag.  When ready add water, 1 Tbs at a time until dough forms, place in buttered mess kit and fry in over sterno, flipping until both sides are golden brown.  Serve with eggs or all alone, mixture should last one week refrigerated prior to trip. 
Camp Stew
From the Kitchen of Troop 357
 Servings 16-20
Category Main Dish
3.5 +- Lbs Beef
2Lbs Onion
1Tbs Garlic Flakes/Powder
1 Cub Grape Juice or Cheap Wine
4 Lbs Potatoes
2 Lbs Carrots
1Tsp Cayenne/ or equivalent
Instant Potato flakes
Dice Beef cutting against the grain to 1/2 in squares, Brown Beef in Stock Pot, peel onions, cut and quarter, add to brown beef, add juice and enough water to fill pot 2/3 full, upon boil, add peeled quartered potatoes, and carrots, reduce to simmer, cook until veggies are tender, prior to serving 15-20 Min, Thicken broth with instant potato flakes (Thanks Ted Brown), 1 Tbs at a time until juice is thick like motor oil, it will thicken further on simmer.
Trail Omlet
From the Kitchen of Troop 357
Category: Breakfast
Servings: 1
Prep Time: 6-8 Min.
1-2 Eggs
Zip Lock Bag
Ham Chunks or Bacon Bits or Onion or Cheese.  YOUR CHOICE!
Break 1 or 2 Eggs into zip lock, add choices noted above of Ham, Bacon, Onion or Cheese etc. . .  Seal Bag, Boil pot of water, place bag in water, cook until egg solidifies, remove from pot and serve, use hot water for hot drink.
****Note, there are now "Boilable" Zip Lock Bags available at your local Supermarket. This would allow you to be able to use the Boiling water for Hot Chocolate or Hot Tang following making your Eggs.
 "Regular" Zip Locks are Not boilable as they give off a chemical release agent into the water, making the water NOT drinkable.  Please look for "boilable" in your preparations.
Thanks Jim!  It should also be noted that recipes as you've seen above are a regular part of our other Email List "Scout STUFF FOUND on the Web." 
Attention all Internet Scouters, I am sending the next edition of "Scout Stuff FOUND" this week.  If anyone else wishes to "subscribe," reply back to me here at  Eaglemaster_3357@Juno.Com 
Sisilija Chapter Web Site!  Stop on by!
New Venture Crew:
Fellow Scouters,
         The last roundtable I was unable to address the group due to really annoying sounds and lights.  (Called Alarms Drew) Oh well.  I was going to announce a great opportunity for older scouts in the Schenectady District.  Tom Tibero, Rob Rorick, and I have are pleased to announce Venture Crew 19.  It is a High Adventure program based crew in which we hope will  help retain membership of the older boys in the troops as being just something extra and exciting.  
Our first meeting will be January 26th at Boyhaven.  Yes that is the night of the Deep Freeze!  Spread the word.  We will have applications.  Also, please note that this Crew as been started by youth and is planned to be maintained by youth.  However we can not do anything without the support of the adults.  If you have any adults interested in some high adventure trips and just having fun perhaps, Send them to the meeting.  It is a great chance and we hope you will support it.  We want it to be something all troops can take pride in and bring Schenectady's best together.  See you at the  Freeze!
Drew Chesney
**************************Start Calender***********************************
16         Deep Freeze/Klondike Meeting Buhrmasters, 421 Sacandaga Rd, Scotia 7PM
16        District Committee Meeting @ Faith United Methodist, 7PM
25-27  Klondike/Deep Freeze @ Camp Boyhaven

7        District Commissioner Staff Meeting @ St. Clare's Hospital, 7PM
13        District Roundtable @ Schenectady High School, 7PM
16     District Winter Carnival, Pinewood Derby & Charter Turn-in, Rotterdam Square Mall
                ALSO District Scouting Show at the Mall, All District Troops & Packs Invited
20        District Committee Meeting @ Faith United Methodist, 7PM
MARCH 2002
7        District Commissioner Staff Meeting @ St. Clare's Hospital, 7PM
13        District Roundtable @ Schenectady High School, 7PM
20        District Committee Meeting @ Faith United Methodist, 7PM
APRIL 2002
4        District Commissioner Staff Meeting @ St. Clare's Hospital, 7PM
10        District Roundtable @ Schenectady High School, 7PM
17        District Committee Meeting @ Faith United Methodist, 7PM
20        Sisilija Chapter Chapel Project Workday at Camp Boyhaven, Volunteers Needed
24        District Recognition Dinner
27        Sisilija Chapter Chapel Project Workday at Camp Boyhaven, Volunteers Needed
27        Sisilija Chapter OA “ Call-Out” Ceremony, details TBA
MAY 2002
2        District Commissioner Staff Meeting @ St. Clare's Hospital, 7PM
4        Sisilija Chapter Chapel Project Workday at Camp Boyhaven, Volunteers Needed (Date Tentative if                 Needed)
8        District Roundtable @ Schenectady High School, 7PM
15       District Committee Meeting @ Faith United Methodist, 7PM
18       Sisilija Chapter Elangomat Training
23       Rotterdam Memorial Parade
            Rotterdam Memorial Service, Town Hall 2:30PM, VFW 1895 Open House Following
JUNE 2002
7-9        District Spring Camporee @ Woodworth Lake Scout Reservation
11        Rotterdam Elks Flag Day Parade/Services  Mohonasen Driveway      6PM
12        District Program Kick-Off Meeting
JULY 2002
29-8/2 Cub Scout Day Camp
National Order of the Arrow Conference - July 27- August 1 { 2 days for traveling before and after}
17-18        Sisilija Chapter Fun Weekend
28 Popcorn Kick-Off
That is EVERYTHING as of 1/12/02, all subject to change.
Yours in Scouting Spirit,
John M. Papp
"Nendawen" ~The Torch Carrier, "He who shows the way."
Eagle Scout Class of 1977
Scoutmaster of Troop 357, Rotterdam-Schenectady, New York
2001 National Jamboree "Jambo TODAY" Photo Editor
Schenectady District Email Administrator
Sisilija Chapter "Service" Advisor
Aged Patch Collector
Web Sites at:      &
"Since 9-11, America is coming BACK to the Values that SCOUTING has NEVER LEFT!"
~J.M. Papp