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Hi Schenectady Scouters,
OK, so we all had a "Snow Day" Last week.  So here are the important Notes of the Roundtable Meeting we all missed.  You "Could" call these our "NON-Meeting" Roundtable Notes. 
And awaaaaaaaaaaay We gooooooo!
Roundtable Cancellation Policy:
Considering the anticipated weather for this Season, I thought it good to
remind every one of the Roundtable Cancellation Policy.
First, if Sch'dy Schools closes early or cancels their evening programs,
Roundtable is obviously canceled.
Second, if the Key III decides the weather warrants it, we will cancel.
In either case, You will be receiving a "Quick" Email as soon as a decision has been made.  (As was sent this past week)
SM's, we are looking for 15 yutes.  I have received no calls to date. 
Terence D. Quintin
1028 Beverly Street
Schenectady, NY  12306

December 11, 2002

 Scouters, Scouts and all helping hands, 

On behalf of Bart Chabot and I, we would like to personally thank all participants of the 2002 Scouting for Food Drive.  This activity is perhaps the biggest event in the District where scouts, as a group, perform a community service that benefits multitudes of less fortunate people.  I cannot think of any scouting event that has the sheer impact of providing for the needy.  A special thanks goes out to the adults/adult Scouters that contribute the use of their vehicles and out of pocket expenses to support this effort.

I thank Scouters and scouts that stayed in the IUE hall to help with the sorting and food distribution.

I thank those packs and troops that supported other church and local pantries as part of this drive. 

Statistics for the District are as follows:

15 out of 20 Troops participated ~ 75% participation

16 out of 25 Packs Participated ~ 64% participation

There was no Explorer or Venture group participation

Bags requested from council: 40,000

Bags received from council: 43,000

Bags distributed or accounted for by Bart & I: 30,000

Full boxes left: 13  (13,000 bags)  (good for next year)

Number of items picked up by scouts:  29,377  (includes delivery to IUE and some local pantries). 

Number of participating scouts: 485

Number of participating adults: 331 

I look forward toward next year and hope to have more troops/packs participate. 


Andy Kopach, Co-Chairmen 

Bart Chabot, Co-Chairman

Thanks to all who came out and collected their rechartering packets.  We were
able to distribute over half of them!
As for the rest, I have the pack and troop packets, Rob has the post and crew
packets.  Units can feel free to contact me, or Rob, and arrange a time to
collect it.
(h) 377-4777
OKPIK January 4-5, 2003 @ Camp Boyhaven
Sign up NOW at Council HQ for this fantastic Course on Winter Scouting.  It is a fantastic Course.  Course Outline is below.

Boy Scouts of America

Twin Rivers Council

OKPIK 2003

Saturday, January 4

8:45 Coffee is ready Jim Lokenberg

9:00(20) Registration Ted Brown

9:20(30) Introduction-Purpose of Outdoor Program Jim Burgess

Importance of wise clothing use

Summary of schedule-Patrols

9:50(10) Setting up campsite: tents - cooking area - wind George Sogoian

10:00(10) Kinds of tents, Ventilation, Winter pegs George Sogoian

10 minute break

10:20(40) Go outside select sites pitch tents Patrol Leader with Patrol

11:00(20) Inspection of campsites – tents George Sogoian

11:20(15) Firelighting Demo Ted Brown

11:35(20) Cooking methods-lunch prep. George Sogoian

11:55(25) Get wood & make patrol fireplace Each Patrol

12:20(40) Make LUNCH-eat-cleanup

1:00 Back to the WARM Cabin

1:00(20) Stoves for cold weather use George Sogoian

1:20(20) Emergency & snow shelters Paul Gillespie

1:40(15) Dehydration problems in Winter Paul Gillespie

10 minute break

2:05(25) Snowshoe Movie & slides Larry & Maryde King

2:30(45) Snowshoe Hike Larry & Maryde King

3:15(25) Get firewood for Breakfast Patrol Leader with Patrol

3:40(5) Short break

3:45(60) Clothing Steve George

4:45(15) Boots and Drying of Equipment Steve George

5:00(20) Rain protection Jim Burgess

5:20(15) Insulation thickness vs Activity level Ted Brown

5:35(60) SUPPER with Chef Jim Lokenberg (Former SM of T357, where "Roadkill Stew" is a Specialty)

6:35(30) Sleeping Bags & Pads Jim Burgess

7:05(30) Packs Steve George

7:35(40) Nutrition & Menus Paul Gillespie

8:15(5) Food & Water Storage Ted Brown

8:20(5) Short break

8:25(10) Wind chill and Body Effects Ted Brown

8:35(10) Day hikes-10 essentials Ted Brown

8:45(10) Sources of reading material & gear Ted Brown

8:55(45) Evening Program (Dehydration/Hypothermia) Paul Gillespie/George Sogoian


10:00 Turn in for the night

Sunday, January 5

7:15 Up and at'em

7:30(90) Patrols: Cook & Eat Breakfast outside using Gas Stoves

Clean up pots, pans & campsite. Packup bedding & roll Tents

9:00(10) Church service Steve George

9:10(60) Care of injured in winter Wally Herrod

Hypothermia & Frostbite

Winter sanitation-Giardia

10:10(30) Transport an injured person out of the woods Ted Brown

10:40(15) Conservation considerations Paul Gillespie

Low impact camping site Paul Gillespie

10:10(15) DEC regulations Kris Alberga (Troop 357 Eagle Scout)

11:10 (5) Short break-distribute handouts

11:15 (45) Trip planning George Sogoian

12:00 General wrapup & Award Certificates Jim Burgess



Ted Brown 346-2214

Jim Burgess 374-0030

George Sogoian 377-1488

Steve George 381-4444

Wally Herrod (518)758-9463

Larry & Maryde King 374-7287

Jim Lokenberg 393-5846

Paul Gillespie 384-0301

SKI at Maple Ridge
Pack 31 wants to invite all  to Maple Ski Ridge on January 9th 5-9 pm.  cost is $10 for ski or board, $8.00 for rentals.
Please come join us.
Jesse Holland
Pack 31

    All of the forms and information you need to register Scouts and adults for "Sailing the Seven Seas" adventures at Camp Boyhaven next summer can be found on the website at at the "Resident Camp 2003" tab on the Home Page.  A hard copy of the Brochure will be mailed to all Tigers, Cubs, and first-year Webelos Scouts early next year, but you can get an advance peek at the program and a head start on registration if you are Internet-connected.  Resident Camp questions should be directed to Program Director Drew Chesney at 885-9355 or by sending e-mail to
"Around the World in Five Days" Day Camp dates at Camp Boyhaven are also posted on the website at the "Day Camps 2003" tab on the Home Page.  Information and registration forms will be added as soon as these documents become available.
"Resident Camp" is an overnight camping experience.  "Day Camp" is... day camp... no sleep-over.
    Check out a new addition to the Camp Boyhaven website - a "virtual tour" of Camp - an electronic version of the "Historic Trail" Guide with photographs.  You can even earn a Virtual Historic Trail Patch!  Some of the information needs to be updated and several new additions to Camp - The Ship, Rock Range, Climbing Wall, Fitness Course, Miniature Golf Course - have yet to be added.  Enjoy!
JANUARY 25-26, 2003
Schenectady District Scoutmasters:
 Scoutmaster and Derby Patrol Leader Brochures should have arrived in your mailbox by now.  If not, please give George Loucks a call (884-0588).  All event information and forms are posted to the Camp Boyhaven Website:  Don't leave pre-registration of your Derby patrols 'til the last minute and risk their missing out!  There WILL be a special "evening event" Saturday night in Carter Hall, something everyone will enjoy.  The traditional leaders meeting will be held immediately thereafter.  Let's make the 40th Anniversary Year a record-breaker!  Come one, come all to "Klondikaven"!
 If there are leaders in your Troop who are looking for something to do on Saturday, please give George Sogoian a call (377-1488) to volunteer them for Derby station duty!  We can always use more event judges.
Schenectady District Pack Leaders:
 Cub and Webelos Scouts are invited to come up to Camp Boyhaven on Saturday, January 25 to observe our "Klondike Derby" that will run from 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM.  Register in Norris Hall or Winter Barracks when you arrive.  There are NO FEES!  Scouts will receive special event patches and each Pack will receive a participation ribbon.  Pick up a Visitor Brochure and map then take a self-guided tour of "Klondikaven" to see Boy Scouts in action:  fire-building, ice rescue, emergency shelter-building, first aid, orienteering, and the infamous sledge race. 
There are NO events planned for Cub Scout participation.  This is NOT an overnight camping opportunity for boys under 11 years of age.  We hope to see you on Saturday, January 25!  Questions?  Call George Loucks (884-0588).
 I received an announcement from the local ski area, Maple Ski Ridge, that they will be offering ski lessons for Scouts ages 12 and over. The cost for the 7 weeks is $99 with ski rentals an additional $8/week. The lessons are offered on Tuesdays or Thursdays and start January 7 for the Tuesday and January 9 for the Thursday lessons. The times for these are 6pm-9pm with the lesson beginning at 7pm. What the skier will receive is 7-90 minute lessons and 7-3 hour area use tickets. Signup's or more information can be obtained by calling Maple Ski Ridge at 381-4700.
If you have and questions, please let me know. Thanks!
Chuck :)
Now the American public can send holiday messages to U.S. troops. Because
the "Any Service Member Mail" Program (messages to the troops that are
mailed) has been suspended, the U.S. military recommends e-mailing holiday
messages using OperationDearAbbey at <>.
Just click on Send a Message. Messages are screened for appropriate
Mark  C. Butler
Emergency Services Specialist
American Red Cross Northeastern New York
Assistant Scoutmaster Troop 357
phone 518-458-8111 x3032
fax 518-459-8273
Trainer Development Conference: (Formerly Train the Trainer)
Saturday February 8th 8AM-3:30PM at Siena College.  Pre-Registration is $10.  Bring a Bag Lunch.  Flyer available at HQ.
Saturday March 8th, 2003
ONLINE Information at:
Cost is $15 Early Bird prior to February 24th, $18 until March 6th, $22 Walk-Ins.
(NOT in Saratoga as previously mentioned)
Friends of Scouting (FOS) Presentations:
Rob Zak is requesting each unit to schedule dates with him to provide you with a Family FOS Presentation.  He is looking to schedule it in January, February or March if at all possible.  He is also scheduling presentations to promote Twin Rivers Council Camps.  If you wish to receive one, contact Rob at: 
Once again we will be combining the District Pinewood Derby with the Winter Carnival.  Please See Denise Sherman-Schwind to sign up your Cub and Troop Units to have a table represented.  We are looking for pictures, Scout Functions you have attended, Pack 72 is performing Knot Tying, basically anything Scout Related.  Please Sign up today!  And Don't forget to bring Scout/Leader Applications.  Last Year Troop 357 Recruited Scouts at this event! 
******Crossover Season********
Well, once we get through Recharter Season, we will have Crossover Season, (Whatever happened to Spring?) Units should be coordinating with their preferred Scout Troops and Webelos Dens to coordinate Activities to provide a smooth Transition from Cub Scouting to Boy Scouting.  For more ideas, stop by our District Web site at
**************40th Anniversary Klondike Patches***************
        Herb Roes, past Coordinator for the Schenectady (formerly Eastern Mohawk) Klondike Derby and Deep Freeze has created a wonderful Klondike Patch Commemorating the upcoming 40th Anniversary Klondike and Deep Freeze. 

        This Klondike is well known throughout Twin Rivers Council and the Northeast as "One of the Most Competitive" Klondike Events in the Country today!
        Since the 25th Klondike, Commemorative Anniversary Patches have been Created every 5 years. (25th, 30th, 35th and now 40th)
These are NOT the official Klondike Patches you will receive up at the Klondike/Deep Freeze this coming January.  These are Commemoratives where a caring Scouter has gone out of his way to create a memory for all of us.
All Proceeds for the Patches will be given to Camp Boyhaven Projects Fund.  Cost is ONLY $2 each.  ONLY 300 were made.
Contact Herb for Yours TODAY before they sell out. 372-2214 or Email  
Our Council is now planning on a Calgary High Adventure TOUR specifically for Adult Leaders in Twin Rivers Council.  In the Past, Leaders have gone to Alaska and to the Caribbean this past January.  If you are interested in signing up for this Calgary Tour, contact High Adventure Coordinator Bill McDonald.


Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster

Leader Specific Training     

When:       Saturday, January 18, 2003 - 8:30a.m. To 4:00 P.M., Part I and II.

              Part III Date, Place and Time to be determined on 1/18/03.

What:             Scoutmaster and Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training at

Where:          Clifton Park Community Church – Moe Road, Clifton Park, N.Y.

              Directions: Take Northway to Exit 9 on to Route 146 west.  Proceed west on Route 146 to Moe Road.  Turn left onto Moe Road.  Clifton Park Community Church is one half mile down Moe Road. 

Cost:             $10.00 

What Else? Bring a bag lunch, your Boy Scout Handbook and note-taking materials and wear your uniform. (McDonalds and others are near by)

 This course is open to anyone who is or will shortly become a new adult leader in a Boy Scout troop, including committee members. The course is designed to give new leaders the information necessary to provide a quality program to the boys in the troop.

The Scoutmaster/Assistant Scoutmaster Leader Specific Training will teach you the skills you need to get started in your new position. You will learn about the patrol method and how it provides optimum benefits for running a boy-led troop. You will also learn about the outdoors and advancement programs that are essential to the boys’ learning as they have fun in the outdoors. Lastly, troop program planning and administration will demonstrate how to support the troop’s activities. 

Registration must be received by the registrar by  WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 15, 2003. ALL registration after this date must be approved by the course director.  Walk – ins will be accepted only if space is available.

Please mail registration to Cindy Phillips, 9 Carlyle Terrace, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866. Make checks payable to the Twin Rivers Council.

Any questions about this course or late registration can be directed to Dennis La Pierre, Course Director, at 518-584-7081, or E-mail him at



Council JLT INFORMATION will be released soon.  It will be at RotaryScout Reservation June29 through July 5, 2003.  Cost is $155.00 if prepaid in full prior to May 1, 2003.



Wednesday April 30th, 2003


First Reformed Church of Scotia

224 N. Ballston Ave.

Scotia, NY

Dinner at 6:45PM

Hot Buffet Style Dinner:

Beef Tips, Backed Chicken, Ziti & Meatballs, Potato Salad, Tossed Salad, Rolls, Coffee, Tea

$15.00 per person

$20.00 per person after April 9, 2003

Last day for Reservations April 23, 2003

Checks Payable to Twin Rivers Council

For any Questions, contact Mariann Jordon at 399-2496


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