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December 2001 Roundtable Notes
Hi Everyone,
WOW, what a week it has been.  . . . . soooo, let's fill you in on what has been happening here in beautiful downtown Rotterdam.    First, This PC of mine crashed, well it caught a cold, actually a virus.  "Agoner.scr" to be exact.    I ended up losing a LOT of data, notes and could only print the Email Address Book.  Then we crashed her intentionally, reformatted the Hard Drive, and reloaded everything back onto the "Like New" PC before me. 
        However, that is not all.  I have also loaded in additional Virus Protection Software courtesy of Mr. Norton 2000, then updated it on-line Sunday to protect YOU.  THAT is why you  haven't heard from me in over a week now.  My apologies.  I am sure you've been checking your email daily for your latest copy of our District Notes. (!?)   Now onto the business.
DISCLAIMER:  These notes are the results of my scribbling and recollection, I make no claims to it being 100% accurate.  Being now 39 (12/22/01), I cannot have "Senior Moments," at least not yet.  So they are my "Junior Moments" for now.  Occasionally, (!?) I will express my opinion, however it is only my opinion.  This Opinion and a $1 will get me a cup of Coffee. 
PLEASE feel free to "forward" this entire message to ANY Parents or Leaders in your Units.  Or better yet, print it out for your meetings and quite possibly a good laugh.
IF anyone ever wishes to be added to this unique email list, please have them email me here at:
Eaglemaster_3357@Juno.Com with their Name, Position and Unit.
OK, Change your email address books, my new email here is now: Eaglemaster_3357@Juno.Com  
After 5 years at "Street-Rodder" I "think" the account exploded from excessive usage.    Let's see how long I can keep this one, any bets?
We currently have 151 Scout Leaders on this email list. 
IF you receive MORE than one copy of this posting, please notify me and accept my appologies.  Free email you know.
With the now famous "PC Crash of '01," I have LOST a lot of valuable files/messages that I have sent out over the past year. 
Most notably is the New Member Message that I have sent to anyone who has recently signed onto this list in the past 2-3 Months.  On that Message was email address's for our District Leaders and Info.  Could "someone" please forward a copy back to me here? 
ALSO, our District Calender is much needed here, could someone also send me a copy of the most recent calender?  I'll then update it and resend it to everyone by the first of the year.
THIS will save me a lot of typing.  After what I've been through over the last week, my hands are screaming for a break.
Attention all Internet Scouters, I am sending the next edition of "Scout Stuff FOUND" tonight.  If you have subscribed for this great list, and do not receive it by Friday, please let me know, the entire Scout Stuff Address List is now vapor, so I rewrote it from memory, which isn't the greatest all the time.  (<;
Start 12/12/01 Roundtable Notes:
Scouting for Food final Tally was in excess of 26,000 items, Bart and Andy expressed a special thank you to all units who participated.  Plans are already in motion for the 2002 Scouting for Food Service Project.
Ruth Lacoss (Director) spoke on the '02 Cub Day Camp that will be held at Camp Boyhaven!!  ( I remember when Day Camp was first held at Boyhaven back in '77!) 
DATES: July 29th-August 2nd, 2002 at Camp Boyhaven
Ruth Needs the following for Cub Day Camp:
For more info, contact Ruth at:
Council Recognition Dinner at the Gideon Putnam:
        Silver Beaver Recognition
        Come support your District, Unit and Silver Beaver's at the Annual Council Recognition Dinner
        February 9, 2002 at the Gideon Putnam.
        RSVP by 1/30/02
        Info in your latest Council Newsletter:
Sarah Discussed the Quality Unit Award, where most Troops have Applied/Earned, and only a few Packs have applied/earned for 2001.
CHARTER:  Pick up your Unit Charter Paperwork from Sarah NOW.  We are having a 2/1/01 Deadline to have our 1st Batch of Units completed.  Please Contact Sarah at:
to make arrangements to pick up.
John Ricci talked about the upcoming District Annual Meeting tomorrow Night at Faith United Methodist Church on Brandywine ave.  7PM.  All Charter Reps welcome.
Also mentioned a very special "THANK YOU" to Pat Henry, our District Cub RT Commissioner who is leaving us for the sands of Florida.  No, unfortunately, NOT Florida, New York. 
   Woody reported that Silver Beaver Recipient Craig Lavery is in Sunnyview due to complications with Emphysema.  He will be there until 12/24/01.  Please Send Cards to wish him a Healthy Recovery.
Following the General Session, we all enjoyed Cake to say THANK YOU to Pat.
**********Scoutmasters' Session****************************
Bart Chabot spoke on Scouting for Food, and the Totem Pole Project for Camp Boyhaven.  Deadlines have been extended to the Spring of '02.  4-5 Months to go.  When you complete your's, please bring it to RT to share with everyone.  Bart also suggested Acrylic Paint and SUN RAY POLY to cover it all.
Any Questions, please feel free to contact Bart at:  NOTE New Email Address.
************Friends of Scouting*****************************
Rob Zak talked about the Costs, Services and Assets of our Council and the need for additional Scouting through the "Friends of Scouting" Fundraising campaign.  He is scheduling to attend all unit Blue & Golds or Court of Honor's to give a brief talk on this campaign. 
For further info, please contact Rob at:
There are several incentives to those unit leader who host Rob/FOS.
Jim Burgess announced about the OKPIK WINTER SURVIVAL Adult Training in January.  January 5th & 6th, 2002.    For further info, obtain a flyer from Council HQ.    This is a GREAT course!!  . . . . . . . . . . . .especially the discussion about internal frame packs vs. external frame packs!  (<:B
ALSO, for your Scouts, there is the GAWASSA Winter Survival Course being held in February up in Woodworth Lake.    For info, contact Course Directors:  Rich Szumowski  
or "BVD" at:
It was also discussed that the OA will be preparing a video for the State of NY on Flag Retirement Ceremonies.  Tim McClure is heading up this effort with the OA along with Chapter Service Chairman Ray Derkowski and Advisor John Papp.
Sean McCullough talked about the Woodworth Lake Trail his Unit and T32 have helped relocate around the main lake.  Maps were also provided, GREAT Job!!
Flyers on the Plattsburgh Historic Trail were also passed out by Herb courtesy of our old friend up north, Greg Morin.
We also talked about the Saratoga Historic Battlefield Historic trails, and the possible creation of our own "Stockade Historic Trail" here in Schenectady.
        Banquet Correction, Family members are welcome.  RSVP ASAP to Chapter Chief Tom Tiberio at 356-7408
Chapel Project is a go on April 20th, 27th and May 4th
The Sisilija Chapter Callout will be at Camp Boyhaven on April 27th.
Along with the OA Elections, Units will also be shown a Camp Promotions Video on our Council's Summer Camps.  If you have a VCR/TV available, please let them know when you schedule your election.  Call Rich Matthews at 374-0215.
OA Dues have been raised from $6 to now $8.  Following 2/1/01, there will be an additional $2 penalty.
Deep Freeze Snowballs:
Herb reported to all that our concerns regarding the new routine for handling the Snowballs has received NO RESPONSE from the Organizers of the Deep Freeze.  This has been a major Discussion of what is a relatively simple matter.  Let's maintain the tradition as the District Scoutmasters request and hand out the Snowballs with the Integrity and Honor followed over the previous years since the creation of the Deep Freeze over 37 years ago.  Majority is in favor of the previous format.  One Snowball per Deep Freeze. 
At the Close of the Scoutmaster's Session we had a Christmas Raffle to give out 4 very Special Scouting Collectables from the 2001 Jamboree courtesy of John Papp. 
Winners were:
        Steve McIntosh  GM/Jambo Coin
        John King        GM/Jambo Coin
        Herb Roes        Jambo CD includes the entire Jambo Today Newspaper Set, the 2001 Jambo Web Site, and a fantastic 250+ Photo Power point presentation.  (Not Available for Public Release, this was given exclusively to selected National Media Staff, LESS than 100 were produced!)
        Drew Chesney        Jambo CD
I have a little Christmas present available to all interested leaders.  I am giving a 60 Slide Power Point Presentation on Troop Junior Leader Training.    This is a fantastic JLT Trainer you can use in your units! 
If you are interested in this great gift, reply back to me and I will be glad to send it attached to email.
Yours in Scouting Spirit,
John M. Papp
"Nendawen" ~The Torch Carrier, "He who shows the way."
Eagle Scout Class of 1977
Scoutmaster of Troop 357, Rotterdam-Schenectady, New York
2001 National Jamboree "Jambo TODAY" Photo Editor
Schenectady District Email Administrator
Sisilija Chapter "Service" Advisor
Aged Patch Collector
Web Sites at:      &
"Since 9-11, America is coming BACK to the Values that SCOUTING has NEVER LEFT!"
~J.M. Papp