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Hi Schenectady District,
Jus' got back from a weekend with the Troop in the Buffalo/Niagara Falls Region, if you want any Camp or Tourist Info on the region, feel free to drop me a line, we had a FANTASTIC time!
On with our District Notes:
DISCLAIMER:  These notes are the results of my scribbling and recollection, I make no claims to it being 100% accurate.  Being now 39, I cannot have "Senior Moments," at least not yet.  So they are my "Junior Moments" for now.  Occasionally, (!?) I will express my opinion, however it is only my opinion.  This Opinion and a $1 will get me a cup of Coffee and a $1 more will get me a Chalupa.
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********START April 10, 2002 Roundtable Notes***************
        We held our 1st of Many Schenectady District Camporee Planning Meetings this evening.  There were 9 of us in attendance, and more are ALWAYS WELCOME.  We are already working on a Theme and Location for next Springs Camporee ('03).  Theme is tentatively Indian Lore, with Locations being possibly, Thatchers, Towasentha, Moreau or Saratoga Parks.
We are looking at the 1st weekend of May '03 for the dates. 
We will be looking for Junior Leaders to run the Camporee under the guidance of experienced Adult Leaders.
***********Pepsi Arena***************************
Pepsi Arena announced several upcoming Promotions, for details, stop by HQ for a flyer.
Sarah announced that "some" Charters are IN! 
        May is our last "Official" Roundtable of this Scouting Year. 
        June will be next Scouting Years "Kickoff."
ALSO, at the MAY Roundtable, the District will be holding a UNIT DISPLAY of your favorite Activities, Trips and Adventures.  Each Unit is REQUIRED to bring in Maps, Flyers, Photos commemorating the event along with two Junior Leaders to be with the Display.  Contacts, Emails, Phone #'s would also be a good idea..
Rob Announced that the Gazzette is looking to "tag along" to cover the Activities of a Scout Unit. 
It was also Announced that Larry Vincent of Pk 50 will be our upcoming Popcorn Campaign Chairman.
**********Schenectady District Dinner***************
Time for our Annual Schenectady District Dinner.
Wednesday April 24th, 2002   6:30PM
Buffet Style Dinner at Attanasio's (Chicken Marsaia, Alfredo, Ziti)
Mohawk (NY5) at South Ballston Ave (NY50) in Scotia
$20 per person
Checks made payable to "Twin Rivers Council"
Payment Dust by April 15, 2002
Any Questions, please contact Marianne Jordan  399-2496
Spouse's REQUIRED!
After the 15th, $400 each.  "Man, talk about a penalty."
**********Chapel Project*************
We will be working on the chapel this weekend (4/27/02)and I would like to know how many people are going to be attending to help out. 
We will be starting at 9am. 
If a unit is planning on coming up please email me with about how many people will be there.   I would like to plan accordingly so that we can have the right amount of work laid out for the day. 
Please email me with numbers or any comments or questions....
BYOB, Bag Lunch, "Bring your own Bag."  NO Uniforms, this is a workday.
Drew Chesney
*****Gopher/Termite Day'02**************
Camp Boyhaven Gopher-Termite Workday
Saturday May 4th up at Camp Boyhaven, Come one, come all. 
Ranger Gus at:
********District Pinewood Derby/Winter Carnival*******
I have scheduled next year's Pinewood Derby/Winter Carnival (Winterfest) for Saturday March 22, 2003.
I have also extended the time.
    It will be held 10:00 am-5:00pm
We may not need this much time but I would like the safety net due to the fact that I expect a bigger turn out and we will be conducting a few Scouter heats.
Please let me know if any of you forsee any conflicts with this date so I can reschedule if need be.
As it stands the weekend of the 15th has already been booked for the Fonda Show.
Thank You for your attention in this matter;
In Scouting,
Denise M. Schwind
*******Camperships are AVAILABLE ********************************
Camperships are AVAILABLE for Cubs & Scouts who are in Financial Need and wish to attend a Twin Rivers Council Summer Camp.  Applications are available through Roundtable, HQ or please contact Rob Zak at:  "No Cub or Scout should miss the Summer Camp Adventure."
***********Council Junior Leader Training***************************
It starts August 11 - 17.  There is an early payment discount of $150.  Otherwise it is $170. for the week.
We have two troops this year and can accommodate 84 scouts.  It is first come, first served

For more info, contact Course SM Bill McDonald at:

********DEN CHIEF'S WANTED****************************
Ruth LaCoss, Cub Day Camp Director NEEDS DEN CHIEFS,  July 29th- August 2nd.  Transportation is being provided from SCCC (tentative) to Camp Boyhaven
if interested,
 please contact Ruth at 346-0164
*******COUNCIL FALL CAMPOREE**************************
FALL Camporee has been announced for the Council:
To be held at the GREAT ESCAPE funpark!
This will take place October 4-6th.  The main event will be Saturday October 5th in the park at the Great Escape.  Special programs will be available for the youth through the Camporee Committee and the Great Escape.  Other happenings will be the Haunted House and the Trick or Treat Trail for youth 12 Years and younger.
The Cost for Camporee Registration will be under $20.00
Camping will be made available for the Scout Troops, Crews & Posts.
1st 2000 New Members (Scouts) who join in September will get a FREE ADMISSION to the Fall Camporee.   Sign up date for units in September.  Give Sign up Date to Rob by the June Kickoff. 
*************Porter Mtn Trail Clearing Project **************************
Porter Mtn Trail Clearing Project Saturday May 11th, 2002
The Schenectady ADK Chapter will have a Scheduled Trail Clearing Day on May 11th, to work on the Porter Mtn. Trail.  (3.84 Miles) from the Road to the Garden.  They Can use Scout Help.  Troop Leaders please call Peter Slocum Schtdy ADK Trails Chair at 489-7369
Courtesy of Jim Burgess Schtdy Chapter ADK Chairman
********Schenectady District Newsletter***********************
Schenectady District Newsletter:
Any unit is interesting in submitting information for either please do so at least one week prior to the next Round table Meeting.  Also if any Unit is interested in linking a unit Web page to the District site let us know.   
Denise Schwind
*********Schenectady District Troops Totem Pole Project**************************
Bart brought his excellent Eagle Totem for the Totem Pole Project, with a little Sawing, Paint and time, we have now seen the excellent results!  GREAT JOB BART!
 For Info, contact: Bart Chabot
********Outdoor Leader Skills Development Training********************
ALL NEW Outdoor Leader Skills Development Training:
Friday April 26th (6PM) to 12 Noon Sunday April 28th, 2002
Camp Boyhaven-Horsley Training Area
Registration MUST be Received by registrar 4/19/02
You must attend this course to be considered "trained" for your position. 
Obtain information at Scout HQ and send in to Cindy Phillips, 9 Carlyle Terrace, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866.  For Further info contact Rick Herr, Course Director at 346-3898 or email at
**********2002 Saratoga District Spring Camporee****************
ALL Bicycles, May 17-19, grease the gears and lets go!  Camp Boyhaven!  Saturday May 18th will now be the Date for the Sisilija Chapter Callout.    Helmets & Gloves required. 
SM does a safety Check of each Scouts Bike, (Gears, Brakes, Working Order etc. . .) 
No Cracks or Broken Straps on Helmets.
Responsible for your own bikes.
Bring Locks.
10 Mile Road Course around Boyhaven
Games for younger Scouts
        Rope Tow
        Saratoga Bike Patrol Display
        Lunch Kiosks (Registration INCLUDES LUNCH!)
                @ Ranger
                @ Dining Hall
                @ Morgan Pavillion
Game Room @ Carter Hall
Bike Sharing Encouraged.
Pre-Order T-Shirts by 4/30/02
More Info from Tim Williams at:
I'll be there, how about YOU?
*********Cycling for Fitness*************
For the past 3 weeks, on every Monday and Tuesday Evening, (Except for yesterday's SNOW Day!) I have been riding the Rotterdam Bike Trail for Fitness.  So Far covering 75 Miles. 
We Traditionally meet between 5:45PM and 6PM at the Start of the Bike Trail on the SCCC Loop Road/Bike Trail Entrance.
It takes about 1 1/2 Hrs to complete all 15 Miles of the Rotterdam Section, although at "speed," I can do it in about 56 Minutes/16.1 MPH. 
If you wish to meet us there, bring your bike and come on over, the more the merrier!  If you are planning on going, you can call me on my Cell at 496-0671 to make sure I don't take off before you arrive. 
Fast or Slow, it's a lot of fun, great for stress, and great exercise!  Come on along!
*******************UPDATED District Calender*****************************
APRIL 2002
24        District Recognition Dinner
27        Sisilija Chapter Chapel Project Workday at Camp Boyhaven, Volunteers Needed
27        Sisilija Chapter OA “ Call-Out” Ceremony, details TBA
MAY 2002
2        District Commissioner Staff Meeting @ St. Clare's Hospital, 7PM
4        Sisilija Chapter Chapel Project Workday at Camp Boyhaven, Volunteers Needed (Date Tentative if                 Needed)
8        District Roundtable @ Schenectady High School, 7PM
15       District Committee Meeting @ Faith United Methodist, 7PM
18       Sisilija Chapter Elangomat Training
22        Scotia Memorial Parade Info: Kurt VonMacher
23       Rotterdam Memorial Parade, Mohonasen Driveway Lineup. 
            Rotterdam Memorial Service, Town Hall 2:30PM, VFW 1895 Open House Following
JUNE 2002
7-9       Spring Ordeal for the OA
11        Rotterdam Elks Flag Day Parade/Services  Mohonasen Driveway      6PM
12        District Program Kick-Off Meeting
JULY 2002
29-8/2 Cub Scout Day Camp
National Order of the Arrow Conference - July 27- August 1 { 2 days for traveling before and after}
17-18        Sisilija Chapter Fun Weekend
28 Popcorn Kick-Off
That is EVERYTHING as of TODAY, all subject to change TOMORROW.
Yours in Scouting Spirit,
John M. Papp
"Nendawen" ~The Torch Carrier, "He who shows the way."
Eagle Scout Class of 1977
Scoutmaster of Troop 357, Rotterdam-Schenectady, New York
2001 National Jamboree "Jambo TODAY" Photo Editor
Schenectady District Email Administrator
Sisilija Chapter "Service" Advisor
Aged Patch Collector
Web Sites at:      &
"Since 9-11, America is coming BACK to the Values that SCOUTING has NEVER LEFT!"
~J.M. Papp